Saturday, July 25, 2009

What happened to the Acords?

So...we haven't vanished contrary to what it seemed with the lack of blogging but we are in the land of beautiful weather, large mosiquitos and dial up internet...we are in cottage country in Muskoka Canada!

We did celebrate Fourth of July by attending a parade and whole bunch of other fun activities and then we had a great week before Peyton and I boarded a plane and headed to Canada. We have been here for two weeks now and are having a blast (minus the past two nights of all night teething pain and it looks like tonight will be night number three). Peyton is growing leaps and bounds and has managaed to take four steps on her own and has said her second word, "dog," which has been awesome to see her pointing at dogs and telling me what they are. It almost makes up for the fact that dog managed to beat out mama.

John joined us this week after driving up to Canada (my parents had a car that needed to be brought up here) and had a safe trip minus the detour back to Houston on a plane from the New Orleans can ask him what happened (something about a forgotten passport?).

John leaves tomorrow and we will be here for two more weeks coming home August 8th. I am sure the next two weeks will be filled with more wonderful weather, lots of ice cream, Tim Horton's, visiting Great Grandparents and showing Peyton the wonderful outdoors. Since we are in Cottage Country (also known as the middle of nowhere) we have the wonderfully outdated dial up internet which means infrequent blogging and no pictures of the beautiful lake we wake up to every morning and my beautiful daughter.

Hope everyone is doing well and we will post soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Discovery Green

Today we headed down to Discovery Green in Downtown Houston. They have many free events throughout the week and today was a Gymboree Play & Music event. It was really well done and tons of fun! I highly suggest any mommies (and daddies) to head down to Discovery Green. They have a water/sprinkler play area, a play ground, free events, and a restuarant if you want to eat inside and it really isn't that far when you are not heading in with traffic. We will be heading back there when we get back from Canada for sure (probably after it cools down though). After we did the event we had a picnic lunch outside and headed home. Peyton loved the grass more than her picnic and was crawling every where! It was fun doing something new as a family and I was able to get some fun shots of Peyton!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Canada Day

On Sunday I was looking for Canada Day festivities in Houston to do as a family. When the only thing I found was a gathering at a pub I decided that it probably was a good parenting decision to not take Peyton to that and since I still wanted to celebrate Canada Day, we decided to throw a party. We made that decision midnight Sunday and had a busy couple of days to be ready to celebrate on Wednesday.

It was so worth it and we had a blast hanging out with friends, drinking Canadian beer, eating burgers, singing 'O Canada' while lighting sparklers and good conversations. I am so thankful for the great relationships we have made here and for great friends who came out to celebrate with us! I am looking forward to many more Canada Day celebrations and will be bringing some Canadian gear down from Canada this trip (because hunting around Houston for a Canadian flag is a pain...thanks to Capital Flags for being awesome)!
Here are some pictures from the day...

Table Decor, Drink Area and 'O Canada' song sheets

My variation on Martha Stewart's Maple Cupcakes. She calls for fondant made maple leafs but I decided to make sugar cookies instead.

FYI...the drink Peyton is trying to drink is Canada Dry and not beer and it was not open! Just don't want any grandparents going all crazy.

It was a great Canada Day and now we will be getting ready for Peyton's first Fourth of July! She is a busy girl celebrating all of her nationalities!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

We celebrated Canada Day yesterday by having our first Canada Day party! We had friends over for hamburgers, Canadian beer, sparklers and singing 'O Canada.' It was lots of fun! I am working on getting the pictures together and will do a party post with those but in the meantime check out the cutest little Canadian ever!