Thursday, September 4, 2014

Peyton's Spook-tacular Sixth Birthday

About a week after school started, Peyton had her sixth birthday! I think this birthday snuck up on me in so many ways and I was not ready to throw a party or even acknowledge that my first baby was already six years old! 

Her teacher said that if we had the time we could make an "All About Peyton," poster to bring in and share with the class in celebration of her day. She was so excited and proud of her poster!

Then it was birthday party time! For months I have been asking Peyton what kind of party she wanted and she kept saying a "ghost" birthday. I kept trying to give her other suggestions and finally just embraced her idea and went with it. So, we had a spook-tacular birthday for Peyton!

We played egg/spoon race and the eggs were decorated with black ghost eyes and mouths done with black marker! 

And we had a ghost wrapping contest which was hilarious and ended up in a toilet paper fight/madness!

We also had a pop the ghost with candy and confetti inside each balloon which was fun for the kids!

Peyton had a wonderful birthday! She loved her party and had a great time celebrating with friends! Mommy and daddy were exhausted and pretty impressed that we were able to pull together the birthday only a few weeks after coming back to Saudi and with a little baby in the house! 

Happy Birthday Peyton! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ras Tanura Razorfish Swim Team

Over a year ago, maybe even two years ago, Peyton informed me that she wanted to do swim team. She was determined to make the time this year and shortly after we got back to Saudi it was tryouts for the team. Over the summer she did private lessons to help her and although I knew she could meet the requirements to make it, I was so worried that the tryout day would come and she would get nervous and couldn't do it. 

So tryout day came and she had to swim 25m of freestyle and then 25m of backstroke and then we would see if she made one of the few spots on the team. Thankfully she swam the required strokes and distances without stopping and did great and we waited to find out whether she made it….and she did!!! We are so proud of her! There is such a joy in seeing your child set a goal, work hard and then accomplish it. We are beaming with pride!

It is a competitive and serious swim team with practice three days a week, tons of meets and a regional and national competition at the end of the season that you have to get qualifying times for. My hope is that despite all the work and competitive atmosphere that she will still love swimming as much as she does and we as family can support her without adding more pressure! Looking forward to a great season for Peyton!

First swim meet - an internal practice meet

Oh…and mommy got roped into being an assistant coach for Peyton's group given my swimming background. I was nervous at first but LOVE it and love helping the kids, and having that time to use a skill I have. Thankfully we found someone who watches Shiloh for me which means I have some time away and get to work with the kids and do something challenging and it is a win win for everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to Saudi and a New School Year

After a wonderful time back in Washington it was back to Saudi, and back to the start of a new year of school! 

Thankfully the trip home went smoothly and was relatively easy until we arrived in the Middle East…we had flown in and out of Bahrain and had arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the airport. We had also called and informed them that we needed two cars as there were five people and 10 bags plus a stroller. So, we land and there is only one car. He insists we can all fit….ummm…no. And then we wait, and wait and wait and wait for a car to come. Great, load up and they tell us that the car can only take us to the causeway and then we need to wait for another car to come to help us. Many, many, many hours later we make it home and vow never to fly in and out of Bahrain for the summer again. Lesson learned.

After struggling through jet lag and getting settled the start of a new school year was here and it was big one…Peyton was starting KINDERGARTEN! It was a sad and exciting day! Not only was she in kindergarten now, she was going to school all day and that was a big change for all of us!

Peyton and her teacher Ms. Christina 

Getting ready to drop off her sister
Graham was also going to attend the big kids school this year in the K3 program. It is only half day and he goes in the afternoons but both of the kids were in the elementary now! In K3 the parents have to pick up and drop off which Graham was not too pleased about because he thought he would be able to ride the bus. He does love that he gets to go to Peyton's school and I am excited for his year!

The hardest thing for mommy and Graham with Peyton going full days was not having her home for part of the day. The kids here are bussed home for lunch which is difficult at times because you have to have lunch prepped and ready to go for the thirty minute lunch break and you have to be home every day for lunch but it is so nice to have that mid day check in and see how she is doing and give her one more hug for the day! But that first couple of days seeing her get on the bus in the afternoon made mommy cry! I missed her so much! And Graham missed having his friend for part of the day! Big adjustments!