Sunday, June 28, 2009


As I mentioned, Peyton started crawling last week. We had mastered backwards army crawling for awhile but we are now moving forward full speed ahead. is a video!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fourth of July Photoshoot

I love Fourth of July! I don't know why I love it so much, I am not even American, but I do! It is just one of those holidays that I want to go all out for but don't mostly because I am not American and feel a little foolish if I do.

Anyways...Peyton is American (and Canadian) so she started wearing some patriotic clothes and here are some pictures I took of her. We will have to do some Canada Day pictures as well to showcase her multiple nationalities!

The Never Ending Post

I have been horrible about updating the blog because we have been in a swimming pool pretty much everyday and you can't work on your computer in the pool for obvious reasons!

So here is what we have been up to...I will try to be as brief as possible:

Tuesday: Swimming lessons. We learned how to go under the water. Lots of shocked faces!

Wednesday: Swimming lessons, lunch date with Lindsey and Gavin. Errands.

Thursday: More swimming lessons. Trip to Yogurt Bear for some frozen yogurt! Peyton loved it!

Friday: The morning started with Peyton watching a little New Kids on the Block on TV. How weird is it that my daughter is watching a band on TV that I used to watch! Oh how old they look though!

Trip to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens with friends (I think we had four babies, four mommies and two daddies) and daddy got to join us this time! We ended up getting him a season pass as well since we are planning on taking Grandma Martha there this coming weekend. Daddy had a blast taking Peyton down the slide and she even did the red one a couple of times. She also made sure to show him all of the things she learned that week in swimming (four days of lessons crammed into a 10 minute show and tell). He was very impressed!
After an afternoon nap we had a visit by Auntie Ashley and her dog Max. They came over and had dinner and the puppies got to play. Peyton loved watching Titus and Max running around and was so content on the couch just watching them constantly. She loves her puppies! We then made a trip to Yogurt Bear for the second night in a row where Peyton had a blast and was super silly!

Saturday: Started to the morning with 4 mile run as a family! We ran faster than the week before which is encouraging (and we had to walk a part because the terrain was too rough for the stroller)! Then John's dad and step mom were in town visiting us from Louisiana. Peyton loved seeing her Grandpa and Mimi (names that we firmly discussed and established on this visit). Another thing that we finally determined is where Peyton's reddish colored hair comes from...John's dad's side of the family. Apparently John's Aunt Helen had reddish colored hair when she was a baby!

Sunday: Peyton gave Daddy a card she made for Father's Day. We went to 8:30 AM church (big mistake because it yielded a very cranky baby for the rest of the day). After a nap we had lunch with Grandpa and Mimi in Kemah where Peyton made a friend with the baby at the table next to ours. They chatted, tried to share their bread and potatoes. Lots of fun! Also, Peyton ate some baked potatoes and some carrots at lunch. She is starting to explore table food! After saying goodbye to Grandpa and Mimi we all relaxed the rest of the afternoon.
On the way to the car from Kemah we found this cut out. How fun is that! I love that she was wearing her white hat in it!

Monday: Peyton's second tooth started to make its appearance. More swimming lessons which were cut short due to cranky babies (mine was the crankiest due to teething and not wanting to be more than an inch away from me). A three and a half hour afternoon nap for Peyton meant the start of weaning would have wait until the next day because it already was 6 hours since her last feeding and I didn't want to bother with weaning. Overall a cranky baby for the rest of the day...refusing to eat solids and just being fussy. Although that night we did find something to make her happy...destroying my magazine and feeding the pieces to the dog (he ate it). She loved it!

Tuesday: More swimming lessons (I am looking forward to Thursday...swimming has been fun but it is a drag in our day). Attempt to start weaning when we got home. Peyton took a couple of ounces from a cup then started clinging to me and then lost interest in eating and starting playing so somewhat a success but after an hour resulted in a cranky baby who once again refused to eat lunch and resulted in being put to bed. Once she wakes up we will be having an early bath because it is off to the Perry's for dinner.....OK, I never got this published before we left for dinner so it continues....

We tried to go shopping before dinner but when we went to check out at the mall realized that mommy left her wallet at home in her swimming bag. Ugh! So, we went home, picked up daddy and then we had dinner at the Perry's house. Peyton and Gavin hung out and...are you ready...PEYTON CRAWLED! She crawled a step or so at home earlier in the afternoon but last night she did four or so! She did great! So exciting...and scary!

Today: More swimming (one more day and I am so ready)! Peyton is getting really good on blowing bubbles and is starting to kick some on her stomach! We then went back to the mall and shopped some, came home for naps and then we will be attempting another early afternoon bath, get mommy ready, drop Peyton off at Gavin's and then mommy and daddy are off to a date night!

Other Random Notes: Peyton has decided to wake up at 8 AM now instead of 6 AM. Nice but a little weird getting used to and that means mommy needs to start using an alarm clock but that is a little too late to be getting started.

We are starting the weaning process...dum, dum, dum! Day one was a mild success, day two not so much which she clearly showed the whole mall by throwing herself down on the bench and screaming. I expected this to take awhile and my only really must be away for more than 24 hours is the end of October for a wedding. Lets hope it happens by then!
I think that is it...........THE END!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Next Michael Phelps

Well, maybe we should hold off on the 2028 Olympic plans but Peyton was a champ at her first swimming lesson!

We signed up for lessons at the YMCA. We are doing the parent child lessons that are Monday through Thursday for two weeks. It is a little intense having to go everyday but with us traveling we couldn't really fit anything else in. We are also taking them with Lindsey and Gavin (Peyton newest buddy) which makes it even more fun.

Today we worked on how to safely enter the pool from the side with a baby, how to reach for toys in the water (Peyton lunged for the duck which resulting in dunking her head followed by a smile) and then the fun started. We worked on watching mommy blow bubbles to start the interest. Then we were supposed to work on floating on our back which I knew Peyton would hate. She was a trooper and didn't break down but I was glad I wore my one piece Speedo because she was grabbing straps and pulling to try and turn over. We worked on kicking and kicked (or something like that) about half a pool length. Then the grand finale....jumping off the side of the pool! We put the babies on the pool edge and took a step back and sang some silly song (there is lots of silly songs) about Humpty Dumpty and then the babies were supposed to jump into your arms. The first time I had to pull Peyton in but then the second time she jumped! She had no fear and just jumped in! We did that for awhile and then time was up. It was perfect length of time (30 minutes) and we both had fun. I am so excited about tomorrow!

As I was heading home from swimming I was really hit how truly blessed I am to be able to stay home with Peyton. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed this to happen, that I have a husband who supports me and encourages me and that I can share these moments with Peyton. I love my job and think I have the greatest boss in the world!
Also, grandparents...I have uploaded new pictures under Peyton Nine Months! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday was a busy day for the Acord family...
5:30 AM: Peyton wakes Mommy and Daddy up to go running. We both ignored our alarm clock! We all got ready in our running clothes and made sure to have our water....

6:00 AM: Arrive at CCHS ready to run a 5k!

6:30 AM: 5k starts! We quickly realize how much harder it is to push a 19 lb baby in a stroller. We both need to start doing some upper body workouts.

7:05:47 AM: Finish 5k! Not an impressive time but pretty good considering neither of us have run in a 5k in over a year and we were pushing a stroller.

8:00 AM: Everyone down for morning naps! Followed by play time, lunch and hanging out.

12:00 PM: Mommy is wrapping a present and Peyton decides to join in the fun. What great entertainment! She played with all of the wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper and so much more for a long time. She was highly amused!

3:30 PM: Mommy heads out with the small group girls for an afternoon of pampering Melissa! She is due in September with her first and we did a mommy pampering day complete with pedicures, pampering gifts, and dinner at Olive Garden, for her instead of a traditional shower.
5:30 PM: Daddy heads out with Peyton for their first father/daughter date. They went to Target, Home Depot and then had dinner together at Chick-Fil-A. They had a blast and are excited about their future dates together.

8:00 PM: Everyone is home and getting ready for bed. Also, we felt Peyton's tooth coming in today. It is not visible but we for sure feel something!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Palm Beach

Yesterday we got together with a group of friends (total of four mommies, babies and one daddy) and headed to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens. Palm Beach is in Galveston but it is not the Galveston beach. It is a man made beach for kids so that means nice looking sand with no seaweed and all of the other nasty stuff you find in Galveston. They also have umbrellas set up for shade with lawn chairs , water slides and fun play areas and you can look out and see the Gulf Mexico so it feels like you are at the beach! It is only $25 for a season pass so Peyton and I enjoy this many more times until Labor Day weekend! We already have plans to go next week with many of the same mommies but this time most of the dads are off of work so they are coming too!

We drove down with our friends The Perry's. Lindsey and her husband are in our small group and Gavin is their little boy who is one week older than Peyton. Peyton tried to hit on him by putting her hand on his car seat but he didn't bit...until we got them sitting together on the sand and he put his arm on her. It was cute! Here is a picture of them together...I feel like Peyton is looking at him and thinking,"what are you doing?"
When we got there we swam around some in the more kid pool and Peyton loved to sit by the step and just splash away. She was having so much fun! I am looking forward to starting swimming lessons next week with her.
After swimming for a little bit we headed to the slide area. I was not too sure about going down the slide with her especially since I told John he couldn't take her down a slide in California and it was way more intense than the one there. I watched a couple of babies/mommies go down and then when my friend's nine year old niece successfully went down with her 12 month old I figured we could hang. Peyton loved it as far as I could tell. I knew though that as soon as I told John he would be mad because I wouldn't let him do it two weeks earlier. Sure enough he was a little frustrated but I promised him he could go next week with her and I didn't go down the more intense one so he can do that one.
Also by the slide area were those water things that shoot up out of the ground. I thought Peyton would be scared of them but she loved them and would sit right by one waiting for it to come up and get so happy when it did.

We had lunch and lounged around under the umbrella for a little bit and then finished up with another slide ride and some swimming and then we headed home with a very tired (she had a three hour nap) but happy baby! We had so much fun and can not wait to next week!

I am a little burned on my back because I couldn't get it all and forgot to get someone to help me but Peyton is good which is what counts. I did go out today and buy her a couple of new bathing suits today that are long sleeved because her arms showed a little color. No matter how much sunscreen I put on her and how often it didn't completely protect her so hopefully covering her up more will help.

It was a great day (so much so that I felt a little guilty being there and John being at work) and I love my little water baby!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To do...Gym

On Monday, John and I both had the intentions of waking up and running. Peyton decided to wake up at midnight so that meant not too much sleep for us so we put it off. Well, our running clothes have been sitting on the dresser waiting for us....

Here is my ridiculous attempt at going to the gym/running this week so far...

Monday: Run in the AM (didn't happen). Play date and then go to the gym in the afternoon since I didn't run in the morning. (I made it to the play date and instead of the gym, I ate the majority of the pre made Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies without cooking them...apparently John thinks it is healthier to eat 8 cookies when cooked)

Tuesday: Since I had not made it to the gym at all Monday...once again Gym. (Instead I made it to Starbucks but I did ask them to hold the whip cream on my Java Chip Frapacino). I did manage to make dinner and have some girls over while John ran off to watch the Astro's game with the guys. Which has nothing to do with exercising.

Today: Play date and you guessed it....gym! I am hesitant to commit to going today since I would have to go once Peyton is down for the night but we will see since....

Thursday: Palm Beach at Moody Gardens all day and then girl's dinner out at a Mexican restaurant (why I need to go to the gym today)

Friday: Play date at the pool in the morning and then really I should go to the gym that afternoon because I don't see myself going today...

Saturday: I am supposed to meet up with some friends at 5:30 AM and run....hence why I have been trying to go to the gym/run so I don't die.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whole new ball game

Everything in our house has become a toy to Peyton. I love watching her explore and figure out how things work. We have baby proofed the house (besides finishing up the cabinets) but I am still constantly having to watch her and tell her, "Peyton, no touch," to which she normally looks at you and laughs....oh, my strong willed child!

Here she is grabbing onto the curtains in the living room....

Here she is in the cabinet discovering the pots and pans and how to open and close the cabinet...Here she is exploring the door and the door stop.....

I have a video of her actually playing with the door stop but as soon as I tried to take photos she of course stopped and started modeling...seriously what kind of pose is this and where did she learn this from....

Also now that she can easily get herself from her tummy to sitting she immediately gets herself sitting up when you put her down for her nap, plays with her moose a little bit, talks to herself and then gets back down for her nap. It is pretty funny! And whenever you get her now you will be greeted with her sitting up! That takes some getting used to!
Nine months is turning out to be a whole lot of fun! I am liking this new found curiosity and ability to explore. It is also helping out with her being more independent and learning to entertain herself and be without mommy all the time. She is turning out to be a wild and silly little girl and I am loving every moment of it (well, besides the random middle of the night waking up)!

Finally I leave you with Peyton's first piece of artwork that she made at a play date yesterday. It was her Father's Day craft. Yes, I was bold and let her put paint on her hands and surprisingly we all survived with no paint on our clothes!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Please Keep Hands and Feet Inside...

Like the amusement rides say, "please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times..."

This is what we found when we checked on Peyton tonight. I don't know if it was intentional or an accident...either way we had a little bit of a challenge getting her chunky leg out. Hopefully she keeps all appendages inside from now on.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What we did this week...

We had a pretty good week last week at the Acord house and since I run out time during the week to blog here is everything all at once ...

Monday, Peyton and I started doing some shopping her birthday party. Yes, I know her birthday is three months away but I am leaving for Canada the middle of July and will be gone for a month. So, when I get back I would only have about two weeks to do everything. If I have learned anything these past nine is that everything takes three times as long to do so I better get started now so I don't lose my mind. Anyways...we found some great things at Michael's for invitations and I have a bunch of other ideas to keep me busy this month. She is having a cupcake themed party so if anyone comes across some cute stuff let me know!

On Wednesday we attempted to go to the pool with some of our friends but it turned out to be closed. Apparently when is says open week days starting in June they meant June 9. How we were supposed to know that...I don't know. We ended up having everyone come over to our house and played here which was fun. I love that we have friends at the same stage of life as us and it is so much fun to watch all the little ones running around!

Thursday we went shopping with Granny and Auntie Shannon down in Houston. Shannon wanted to find some cowboy boots and found some cute ones at Buffalo Exchange for $27! I found some really cute and completely impractical (given my stage of life) heels that I bought because I haven't gotten any heels in forever and they were such a good deal! Shannon had a solution for my heels like a Desperate Housewife and wear heels to play dates, shopping and getting the mail. Tempting but I am thinking it might be a fall hazard with a 19 lb baby on my hip. The store that I found them at had so many cute shoes that I threatened Peyton with daycare so I could go back to work and have somewhere to wear heels to. We ended up having lunch at Empire Cafe and heading home! It was a fun day out.
Peyton was a trooper as always but maybe it is was because of the change in her sippy cup....

No babies consumed any caffeine in the above picture. Granny was done with her Starbucks and thought it was cute! She is never to young to learn to love Starbucks!

That night John and I headed downtown to happy hour with a former coworker of mine. Kate was hired at JWT when I was and moved to New York last year. She was in town with her husband for a wedding so all of us former and current JWT people got together for a night of drinks and catching up. I was so happy that my mom came over and watched Peyton for us because it was the first time in a long time that John and I were out together doing something fun with a group of people. It seems that it is always one person or the other out and it is fun to do stuff together more often. We had a blast at the Treehouse which is a rooftop/tree top bar at the Discovery Green park. The bar was really nice and had great views of downtown and we could hear Jazz music from Discovery Green. Most of all it was so much fun as always catching up with everyone. I miss talking with Kate and being around her infectious joy...she is the type of person that you can't help but smile around her. I love her passion for life and her joyful spirit! I know I say it all the time but I miss the people I worked with!

Friday we had a busy day with Peyton's doctor's appointment, Titus's yearly doctor appointment, lunch with our Group Guide for the small group we lead and then we headed to Auntie Ashley's second grade classroom to help her pack it up. I was going to go myself but with feeding schedules it worked out if Peyton and John came too. John kept Peyton entertained while Shannon and I helped Ashley. It was tons of work but we finally got everything packed we just have to unpack once it gets moved to her new room down the hall.

That night although we were all exhausted John and I kept our date scheduled and Peyton again hung out with Granny. We kept it short since we were out pretty late the night before and visited a Mediterranean restaurant in our area called Mediterranean Chef. It had a great atmosphere and delicious food! We will be going back for sure! I really felt like I was transported to another country! Tons of fun! After dinner we all headed home and were all in bed by 9:00 PM and we all slept in with Peyton waking up at 8:00 AM this morning! That is two hours later than normal! It was perfect!
Next week we have some playdates, storytime at the library, dinner out with the ladies from our small group, attempting to go to the gym at least once, start running again so I can justify me registering next month for the Houston Half Marathon in January (if anyone has suggestions on fitting in running and an infant let us know) and getting stuff done before our week becomes full with swimming lessons starting the 15th!

9 Month Checkup

Peyton turned nine months old Thursday and had her nine month doctor visit today. As always they did her measurements and as expected she is crazy tall. Here are her stats.....Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz (50%), Height: 29 3/4 inches (95%)! She is so tall!

Everything else checked out well and the doctor was very happy with what she is doing developmentally and thinks she is doing great! She had some additional suggestions on weaning which were helpful. I am not ready to wean Peyton completely but I do want to take our time and since I would like her to be weaned around her first birthday,I think we will start soon so we can not rush things. Please pray that it goes well! The doctor didn't have much else to say so it was a pretty quick visit. Her next visit will be for her one year checkup. She was scheduled to have two shots at the next visit but I have some concerns with the vaccination schedule so I talked to the doctor and they are open to me making some modifications and delaying the vaccinations some. Please pray for guidance on when she should get what vaccinations.

Some other things about Peyton and where she is at nine months...she is a mover and wiggler! She loves to stand up and hold onto things and walk (with our help)! She is slightly interested in crawling and will reach for things, get on all fours and rock but not interested enough to make forward movement (although backwards is mastered). She has started saying, "bababa," to everything which is fun! She loves to make you laugh with making farting noises constantly. She even figured out the other day that if she takes a drink and then does them it is louder and better. Lots of new developments every day and we are so blessed to be able to watch her explore the world!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give me some popsicles Pappa...

I feel like I have no time to blog. I have plently to write about but no time lately. I don't have time right now either but I will leave you with a cute picture of Peyton....

I found this dress at Target and it is perfect for the summer! Her Pappa has told her from day one how he is going to feed her lots of ice cream and popsicles in the summer (after she builds a beach for herself) so this dress is for him...doesn't her face just say, "where are the popsicles?"

Also, Peyton is nine months old tomorrow! How did that happen so fast?