Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Start of Soccer Season

Just before we left for Washington Peyton started soccer practice and the soccer season. We then left for a month which meant her missing a month of practices but made it back in time for the fun part….games! Her first game she didn't make it out because of jet lag but she was ready for the second game (we have had one more since then) and did great! The team we played was a little rough but she held her own, got up when she fell and was in there going after the ball. She is tough and she holds her own against those boys! This past weeks game she was even getting in some good blocks and playing great defense! 

John is helping with coaching this year and he was amazing and went to two practices a week for a month while his kid was away to keep helping and being there for the kids! Such a good dad! We are so thankful that he has the time right now to be able to help coach and do things like this with the kids.

Graham LOVES playing soccer and kicking the ball around with me while Peyton is practicing and doesn't like the games because he just wants to play. He gets so sad that he isn't old enough! He is actually really good and has impressive ball control and handling for a three year old….he is actually better than Peyton! But as much as he would rather play at the games he is his sisters biggest fan and cheers her on and at the end of each game runs up to her, gives her a big hug and tells her she did a great job. 

What has been the best part of soccer games is watching the transformation in Peyton since last year. Soccer season last year was just before she got sick in April and we discovered she had Celiacs that summer and it was such a battle to get her to go to practice, run for even five minutes of the game. She was always complaining, saying she was exhausted and we were battling her going to games and practices which is why John was not impressed when I brought up soccer again this year. But this year….she is ready hours before practice because she is so excited about going, she works hard at practice and loves it and she runs hard during the game. She sat out only once or twice last game and not because she asked but because we had to rotate players. It is just another instance where I sing continual praises to God that she is healthy, that we knew early on her life (and even earlier in Graham's) what was causing her to be tired, weak and sick and that we have vibrant and healthy kids! So thankful!

Looking forward to a month more of games and practice!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby #3….What will it be?!?!?

Yes we were planning on waiting and being surprised about the gender of baby #3 however the ultrasound technician had other plans for us…and so we are thrilled to announce the news…..

We were at a friends daughter's birthday party and she had this adorable Photo Booth set up for the mustache themed bash and we got in on the fun and thought it would be a great way to announce that we are having a……….

Yes, we are having a sweet little GIRL! And we are all over the moon with excitement! We were both pretty confident that it was given how similar this pregnancy is to Peyton's and how different it is from Graham's and I also figured that since we agreed on a boys name immediately and still don't have a girls name that it would be a girl!

After the slip up at the appointment, we waited and received the ultrasound pictures on a CD and looked through them together to confirm what we had heard and spent several days just reflecting, and enjoying the little secret between John and I. And I started crafting bows, headbands, a bow holder and little onesie dresses for her! 

We then decided to share it with the kids and made them cupcakes with pink icing and put them under a bowl, we explained that when they lifted the bowl that it would reveal whether they are having a sister or a brother. They lifted it up and Peyton was overjoyed! Graham was happy to have a cupcake! 

Peyton has been asking, pleading, praying for a sister and we have worked so hard for her to understand that a healthy baby is what we were praying for and so when we told her she was overjoyed! I heard her throughout the whole night thanking God for a sister and just saying it out loud over and over. She is thrilled! Graham figured it out a couple of days later and is just excited about the baby. I did ask him for some name suggestions and in addition to the nickname "Rosie" we already have, he offered, "Human, marshmallow and rebel." Hmmm….

John and I are thrilled! We were really fine either way and fine with not finding out (the nursery is still staying gender neutral minus the addition of some bow holders and I love the nursery and wouldn't change it even if I knew earlier) but there is a sweetness to finding out. We are both so excited that Graham is our little man and we both have this special bond with him. He is also going to rock as a big (and little) brother to his sisters! And I am excited to get super girly with this one! I know from past experience that it will quickly pass and she will have her own opinions on bows and frilly things!

So….right around 100 or so more days until we meet our daughter!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

24 Weeks: Baby #3

Not much to update on baby #3 this week but we are now 24 weeks! And I did realize that I actually had pictures from both previous pregnancies at 24 weeks (I skipped some weeks with Graham) so I thought it would be fun to show a belly comparison. 

In my opinion, baby #3 belly is smaller than the other two. I feel smaller and like I haven't gained as much weight but I am not sure. We don't own a scale and I haven't seen a doctor since beginning of December so I have no idea what my weight gain is. I was supposed to have a doctor appointment when I got back but they rescheduled it to February 13. We knew calling and trying to reschedule for earlier was a pointless battle so we just have to wait until next week. I figure that baby is growing, I am gaining weight, the kicks/hits are getting stronger and I have no obvious signs of complications that we are doing good. Thankfully this is #3 and I am a whole lot more relaxed about it given where we are :)

Other than baby getting much more active and stronger, not much has changed. I still feel great and have energy which is nice since we are doing potty training with Graham and need all the energy to keep up with him on that. No real cravings or food aversions, my appetite has slowed down though. I was constantly hungry for a couple of weeks and now it is more normal. Trying to make sure I am staying hydrated and drinking more water than I think I need, it is one thing that helps the cramping. I have experienced mild cramping again here and there since we have been back but I have attributed that to being back from vacation and having to do my normal routines here. It is manageable and not that bad which is the main thing.

The kids are still over the moon and ask daily how big is the baby and what is it doing or what is developing. They have been moved into their shared room (Peyton's old room) and love it. They are doing great going to sleep, respecting boundaries and love being together. We have also implemented more detailed morning and nighttime routine charts that have added responsibilities that I was doing for them before (like packing their backpacks) so that they can take on more responsibility for things that they easily can do and hopefully will help things run smoothly when baby arrives. Peyton is a big help in encouraging Graham and helping him complete the routines. 

We are all doing great and enjoying this pregnancy to the fullest! It is sure flying by!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl….Go Seahawks!!!

While the kids and I were in Washington we were able to experience the excitement of watching the Seattle Seahawks make it to the Superbowl. Peyton loved watching the games and cheering them on and is becoming a true Seahawk fan. So, Superbowl Sunday we had to cheer on our new hometown team from Saudi.

The kids wore their Seahawks gear on Sunday to school in support of their team. Peyton calls them the "Seahockeys," for some reason. 

And then the debate began of whether we should wake up to watch the game. The game started at 2:30 AM Monday morning in Saudi and we decided to do it and wake up in support of the Seahawks. I had made baked french toast the night before to throw in the oven since traditional Superbowl snack food didn't sound appealing that early in the morning. So, we got up, got our shirts on and some coffee and streamed the game live from NFL.com.

And it was so worth it!! It was also a lot of fun to hang out together and cheer them on! John and I are hoping one day to make it to some home games in Seattle and continue our support for the Seahawks!

Peyton woke up around 6:00 AM just as the fourth quarter started and was a little irritated that we didn't wake her up and that she didn't have her shirt (it was dirty from the day before), so I gave her mine and she started cheering. She asked why they said her name on the TV (for Peyton Manning) and when I explained it was a player on the other team she was less than impressed and said it was a girls name so why does he have it. She was over the moon and shouted for joy when they won and loved watching the confetti and the trophy presentation and asked to buy the Superbowl celebration package being advertised and to go to a Seahawk game. So, I am thinking for sure we need to look into a game for us three sometime!

Graham woke up around the end as well and was still sleepy and not as thrilled. And of course baby #3 was present and crazy active all day long after having coffee and french toast and maple syrup all within three hours! 

23 weeks and 4 days with Baby #3
A fun morning of celebration although John was pretty tired at work and I was worn out by the end of the day! We only wish we could be in Washington celebrating with everyone! Way to go Seahawks!