Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Here are some ramblings about our life in Saudi this week...
  • Tomorrow is Peyton's third birthday party. I am disbelief how this happened. It really doesn't seem that long ago that we brought this little baby home and we were completely in love and in over our heads. It is amazing to see her now...a ball full of energy, opinions, an attitude and full of fun. Never a dull moment with her. She is so excited about this party and I hope it lives up to her expectations!
  • We leave on Friday morning for our journey from Saudi to the UAE...a full 8-9 hours driving in the desert with two little kids. Should be interesting! John heads flies back to Saudi on Saturday night and then back to Abu Dhabi to drive us home the next weekend so we can have the car to drive while we are there.
  • Next week I get to spend all week with my sister in Abu Dhabi! Soaking up wonderful family time, shopping, wearing normal clothes and all the freedoms that don't exist here in Saudi. I am so excited...mostly about the time with my sister!
  • I have been packing all day and getting things ready for the party. These kids need a whole lot of stuff for a 9 hour road trip plus a week away.
  • I have been doing P90X and running pretty consistently all this week
  • We are starting to figure out plan B for our trip home for Christmas.
  • Our shipment was finally scheduled to be inspected on Monday and then it still has to be processed, have custom fees paid, be released, go to the warehouse and be scheduled for delivery. Don't know when it will be here. Probably will be AFTER I get back from Abu Dhabi :(
  • This morning John took Peyton shopping and I just had Graham...I forgot how easy just one kid was. I got so much done and it was so relaxing. I am looking forward to school starting for Peyton when we get back from our trip and for the time she will have with different kids and doing something different and for the time I will have with Graham. I am looking into a Mommy and Me Yoga class and just some time to relax and get stuff done.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Women Only

I am pretty used to the whole women only lines, family vs men sections and normally don't think twice about it...only to check the sign and make sure that I am going in the right section. We have separate lines for everything....any restaurant, Starbucks, the waiting areas at our clinic, the pharmacy at our clinic, the passport control at the causeway to Bahrain where the women go into a passport control office so they can remove their veil and confirm their identity.

However the other day I was at Lulu's which is a large Hypermarket/Grocery store and was shopping around the produce section. John normally goes and gets our pineapple cored and sliced and next to it is where you can a coconut shaved and prepared. Well, I walked by, looked over and saw that the line to get your coconut shaved was segregated into men and women. I just shook my head...seriously.....we really have to keep men and women apart for that brief moment while waiting for the coconut to be shaved? What about check out? Goodness....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Come on, Irene'?

Pretty much as soon as Hurricane Irene formed and started making her way towards the Eastern Cost of the United States, John has been humming some annoying song and singing, "Come on, Irene." I didn't think much of it and as embarassing as it sounds had no idea what song he was even trying to reference.

Well, then last night I was looking around and came across an article on how we mishear song lyrics and how that has become very apparent with Hurricane Irene and everyone not singing the lyrics is the article....apparently the song says "Eileen." Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I wanted to run into our room, wake up John and play the song for him. I live for those moments when I am right! I am thinking this will need to be playing when he wakes up in the morning!

All kidding aside...I really hope and pray that Irene just makes a turn and doesn't hit the coast. It is crazy to read about so many states being evacuated as well as NYC. Stay safe and I hope that everyone is evacuating like they have been told to.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just another shopping trip in Saudi...

Thursday morning (the start of our weekend) we made just another routine shopping trip into Khobar/Dharhan which is the bigger city about an hour drive from us. It really hit me how good we are getting at preparing for the trips/planning where we need to go etc and just getting all the smaller details of the trip down. is what a typical shopping trip looks like...

The night before I make sure to pack the following and have it by the door ready to go...
  • Diaper bag
  • Snacks/lunches made and in the fridge since all the restaurants are closed for Ramadan and we will need to sneak in some meals in the car
  • Small travel bag that has the GPS, CDs, sheet of all the coordinates of stores that we know of, change of clothes for Peyton. I keep it in a small reusable bag and hang it by the back door so it is easy to take in and out and we don't want to leave it in the car because the heat has been known to destroy electronics etc
  • Our cooler so we remember to bring drinks etc
  • The stroller
In the morning we get everyone dressed and out the door by 8:00 AM. Stores open at 9:00 AM and you only have a brief period of time between prayers and when stores close so you need to be ready early and with a very precise plan.

We stop at the community gas station and fill up our 4 Runner for a whopping $6 (that included a dollar tip) and then head to our first stop...Party Land for some party hats and other birthday supplies.

Get to Party Land...Peyton fell asleep in the car so I put Graham in the stroller and John carries Peyton around. We find these pastel colored paw print party hats that I would never pay that much for normally and that don't even match or are what I want for the party but are all I can find and Peyton really wants party hats for her birthday so they will have to do. I pay the $14 for paper party hats and we head out. Seems so silly to drive an hour for party hats. I also found some silly string so we bought a bunch of that and put them in the cooler so they wouldn't explode in the heat.

We then head to a car accessories store to look for floor mats for our car. Graham is hungry so we attempt to walk around while feeding him. He is getting too heavy so that doesn't work very well. This is the second place in two trips we have looked and of course nothing.

Off we go to Desert Designs to find a housewarming/birthday present for my sister when we go to Abu Dhabi. They always have an abundance of lanterns but of course not today. I did find a beautiful buffet for the dining room and we got the measurements and of course when we got home it was half and inch too big but I am looking at taking off the baseboard in that area to help it fit into the little enclave area in the dining room.

Realize that we have about 45 minutes before prayer and so we try to rush into the souk areas to go to another store that sometimes has small decorative things. Made it into the souk area, found a parking spot, ran inside and didn't find anything so we headed out just before prayer.

Head to Lulu's to do some grocery shopping. Graham is asleep so John pushes him in his car seat in a cart and I push Peyton who is watching movies on the iPad. Shop during prayer. Get out, put the cold stuff (I only bought lunch meat this time) into the cooler for the drive home.

Decide to run into the Toyota dealership to see what they have for car mats, John parks the car and runs inside, I am sitting in the back feeding Graham and realize he has a dirty diaper, change that and the clothes he was in and then sit in the car waiting for John to get back. Toyota doesn't sell rubber mats for the car although we were able to find a trunk liner.

Realize Peyton hasn't gone potty since we left the house, run into the mall, I bribe her to go potty and we are good. Look around a little bit, John asks me if I wanted to look at clothes, I do and need new clothes but I don't want to buy stuff without trying it on so I decide to wait until we go to Abu Dhabi.

We head home, get everyone settled in the car, have drinks and snacks and drive the hour back home. During the drive home we see two accidents. One where the car should have gone through the guard rail and was lucky it didn't and the other was a flipped over tanker truck leaking some sort of flammable fluid and the police didn't have anything blocked or rerouted...normally I don't look at accidents but we had to slow down and get around both of these. After we got around them we drove pretty quickly to get away from that area and just shook our heads in disbelief at the insanity of this place.

Peyton falls asleep, Graham sleeps until the last 30 minutes (pretty much wakes up at the supposed check point where John has to go over speed bumps and it wakes up the kids every time...I wouldn't mind it but the security is either sleeping or texting every time so it just annoys me) and so I crawl into the back and feed him.

We make it home five hours later....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

I am being bad about blogging for several reasons....

First, nothing is going on. We have a very redundant/boring routine going here and everyday is pretty much the same thing of trying to find things to do around the house, being too hot outside and calling about our shipment. Second, I have been really down and to prevent myself from just writing constant complaining posts I just have been avoiding the blog. Doesn't make much sense when I just wrote that considering I am blogging to keep people in the loop about life here and well right now life is stinky. I am not trying to hide that it is being hard but I am trying to keep myself from dwelling on the (many) bad parts that I am experiencing right now. is what has been going on....
  • We are still waiting to hear if our shipment has cleared customs. We are supposed to called in about three hours to find out. Pretty much if it doesn't leave customs today then we will not be getting our shipment until the middle of September. Huge bummer and really knocked me down hard.
  • I finished my Lightroom photography course and am now even more bored. I loved taking it and learned so much. Maybe I can convince John on singing up for another one!
  • We were supposed to leave for Abu Dhabi next Friday to see my sister however ALL of John's vacation requests are being challenged which means he might not have the next week off or the time we asked for Christmas. He was supposed to talk to management today and when I called him to ask how it went he told me he would talk to me at home about it and that he really loved me....doesn't sound good.
  • If John doesn't have next week off, I am going to Abu Dhabi by myself. I am excited about getting away, spending time with my sister and I am fine with traveling by myself with the kids but I am sad that John won't be able to come with us and make those memories with us.
  • And....if he doesn't get off for Christmas then our whole travel home plans are completely up in the air and lots of decisions need to be made on when we are going home, if John will go home, where we will spend Christmas. For the planner that I stinks having your plan done and then it is blown apart.
  • Peyton's birthday party is a week from tomorrow. I am excited for her know it is good for us to start making memories here but I am sad. It really makes this home now that she is having birthdays here and without our old friends and family.
  • Graham has spent more of his life in Saudi than Texas :(
  • We have a second showing for our house in League City today. I want it sold. I want the closure of knowing this is our home and we don't have anywhere to go back to. I want someone to make it their home and make their own memories there BUT I know I will be so sad when it sells because we had so many firsts and memories there.
So....this week has been tough. This move is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It has shown me so much how I don't relinquish control of my life and trust in my Saviors provision. I thought I did. I thought that agreeing to move, going through that process while pregnant and with a newborn that I learned to trust, fall on my knees and say "I give it to You," BUT I apparently am not good at that. I like my plan, I like my way, I like to have control, know when and how things are happening and this is not the place for people like me. And you know the saddest part....I have had many opportunities since we have been here to realize the error of my way and fall on my face and ask for forgiveness but I haven't...instead I just get mad, depressed and blame everything and everyone besides myself and my pride. I just keep thinking about how when I am trying to parent Peyton and she constantly continues to do the one thing I told her not to and see consistently sees the same results which often are not pleasant but yet she still does it. I think to myself how stubborn she is and how I just don't understand how she can't figure out not to do it....but....isn't that what I am modeling for her. I am modeling self reliance, stubbornness, pride and lack of trust in our Father. I am failing. I feel so defeated. But I have a Savior, I have a rescuer and I have something greater than myself and my abilities to plan. And it annoys me that I don't always cling to that and time after time I continue to be self reliant. I am a stubborn toddler!

I could ramble more and more but I need to get lunch you can see....a rough couple of weeks for sure....


John informed that he was told he was told this morning that he would not be allowed to take any vacation during the month of September or December. Not sure when he is allowed to us all of his vacation days but whatever. So, I am going to Abu Dhabi for a week by myself. We are driving together as a family on the Friday, John will fly to Saudi so I can have the car and then fly back the next weekend to pick us up....oh...and he won't see Peyton on her actual birthday. Nice. And I have to decide what to do about Christmas/December. I feel so knocked down right now....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty good weekend...busy yet relaxing!

Wednesday night we had a family over for dinner that arrived here just a couple days earlier. They moved from Canada and John met them while he was swimming with Peyton earlier in the week. They have three girls and it was so nice to be able to have them over for dinner, dump all of the wealth of knowledge we have been given. They are a sweet family and we enjoyed having them over. John told me how much fun he had and I responded..."duh, they are Canadian so they have to be awesome."

Thursday we went shopping and took our car to Khobar for the first time. We didn't make it to the party supply store in time but did manage to get to the hardware store, toy store and a baby gear store to buy a portable/travel potty (more about that later) and then we headed to the grocery store. A very successful day and our car worked out great! Lots of room for me to sit in the back between the kids which is a most when you are driving an hour each way.

Our kids are adapting so well and are so good when we go out. They both go with the flow in their own way. Peyton runs around the mall, is loud but listens. Graham just hangs out in the stroller, plays by himself and just chills out until it is time to eat and he grunts at you. They have such different personalities and are such different babies.

On our way home we got to use the portable potty seat which is pretty much a requirement for surviving here with a potty training toddler. As we were heading home in the middle of nowhere Peyton yells that she has to go potty. We pull over, take out the potty seat, put in a liner that has an absorbent pad at the bottom and we have a potty. It is great! A huge help when there are really no bathrooms you want to stop at anywhere and it will be a must have when we drive 8 hours through the desert to see my sister in Abu Dhabi!

Thursday night John left again and headed back to Khobar to take a friend that we just met to buy a TV and other needed items. They had a successful trip and it was so nice to be able to use the car to help out another family and bless them with transportation to get the needed supplies.

Today I woke up early with Peyton and while John and Graham snoozed we headed to the beach to look for sea shells which turned into swimming with her clothes on. We had so much fun!

Then later we worked on painting Peyton's room a bright, beachy blue! It looks fun and I can't wait to see her curtains and rug in there. She helped out and it was fun hanging out with her and working together!

Off to another week in with friends coming back from vacation (YEAH), hopefully our shipment clearing customs and getting closer to our house, planning Peyton's party and our trip to Abu Dhabi!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Midweek Ramblings...

Here are some rambling about this week....

We are over half way through Ramadan!

I finally started on planning Peyton's birthday party. We are keeping it small and I am looking forward to celebrating her. I can't believe we have a three year old!

I am starting to work out/run/get ready for the half marathon in January! I am doing a combination of P90X and running. I like P90X because it will help with strength training and cross training but I can't do it exactly like the program recommends because I need to run and also have days off. I think I have found a good combination but it has been a hard work and my body is a little sore....well, actually pretty sore!

My sister is now in Abu Dhabi...crazy to think that I have family on this side of the world. I want so badly to go see here. We are trying to look at vacation schedules/cost etc and determine when we can make it over there to see her and it looks like we will be driving to see her the first week of September...because we now have....

A CAR! We picked it up on Tuesday night! It is great and everything we wanted and needed in a car and we are so pleased! Love having our own car and beyond thankful for the car we were able to borrow over the summer!

We had a slow week, wanting for our stuff....which will hopefully be here soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jumping on the Bed

The other day we were bored...what else is new...I was running out of ideas quick and I also needed to start on my homework/practice for my editing class I am taking and I was running out of images that I wanted to even work on.

So...I decided to do a photo shoot. Peyton is tired of me taking pictures so I had to make it interesting. I saw some pictures the other day that someone did of their kids in the morning time waking up in their bed. Well, the lighting in our bedrooms is awful but I really wanted to take some fun moved a mattress to our living room and set it up.

We had a blast! Graham was laughing and hiding behind blankets, Peyton was jumping and Mommy got to play with her camera...and it took up about an hour of our day!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged. In a way it has been crazy but at the same time it seems like nothing is going on and it has been long...which seems normal here in Saudi!

We have been spending lots of time at home, gone out a couple of times and then promptly regretted venturing out during Ramadan. Shopping at 9:00 PM with two kids and an insane amount of people in the heat while wearing an abaya really makes for some cranky outings.

We did pick up these party hats for a dollar during a grocery store run and who knew that they could provide so much entertainment.

Our shipment has arrived at the port and currently in customs. We have been told it should be here possibly Saturday but who knows. It has to arrive prior to August 23 or else we will not get it until middle of September. I am really hoping it comes soon but as with most things here I am learning to not get my hopes up and prepare for the fact that it will probably be another month. :(

I can not wait to sleep my bed with my comfy sheets...

We bought a car...which was the most complicated car buying process I have ever been a part of. No such thing as test driving, seeing or even touching the car you are going to buy. We did tons of research and when we factored in price/reliability etc we came up with the Toyota Fortuner (pretty much the 4 Runner).

But you can't find one to even look at in a dealership. So you essentially go to the dealer, tell them you want a Fortuner, wait until the get a shipment, the dealer quickly reserves one for you through the online system (along with any and all other dealers in the country), you have three hours or so to get there and pay cash for your sight unseen car....

After you arrive with your cash.....they book it, takes about 6 days to truck it from Jeddah to where we are, they install tint here, you pick it up and if you don't like it you can get your money back but honestly at this point you are so frustrated and desperate for a car I don't see that happening! After dealing with several dealerships, having two cars reserved at one point, we have a black Fortuner (not our first color choice but choosing your color is not really a luxary we have here) coming soon and should be in our hands on Wednesday....insha' allah!

I finally broke down and started solids with Graham. He was been eyeing our food, grabbing at it and giving me puppy dog eyes. I just didn't want him to grow up. But I felt bad and he was one very happy man!

Such a difference from when we introduced solids with Peyton. He was grabbing at the spoon, directing it to his mouth, opening wide and finished the first bowl in no time. I got him a second bowl and he finished half of that one. Totally in love with food and he was a champ. He even licked it off his fingers to make sure he got everything! Not that he needs anymore food...he is a chunky man! We were able to skype with my parents while he was getting his first taste of solids which I loved! It was so nice that they were able to experience a first with Graham!
Peyton has been....a handful, super funny and in typical toddler much fun and such a headache all in the same day! She is talking up a storm and it has been difficult entertaining her during our long days at home. Despite the heat, she still plays outside every now and then and hopscotch is her new thing.

We have been working on potty training and she has been doing pretty well. We go most days with no accident, nap time with no accidents and she still wears a diaper to bed. Most days she will just go on her own. I can't ask all the time because it just irritates her. She was doing great even while we were out and not having accidents at all. BUT we have had a couple more accidents the past couple of days (including an awesome experience while shopping at Ikea) and she didn't seem to care which made me worried but yesterday she had an accident at home and she got her lovey wet so he had to have a bath and it was just before nap time and so that was not fun but I am hoping it helped reinforce the "no accidents" concept. We have been doing a sticker reward system which has been great. She has already earned two toys and now we are earning stickers for a no accident day and when she gathers enough to fill the chart she will get a super big toy....a scooter toy she has been eyeing since we got here!

I have been busy with a photography course on editing with Lightroom 3. I am a member of Clickin Moms and they have an awesome forum with TONS of information and they offer various 4 week online courses. I am taking Lightroom now and then will take a shooting class next. They are pretty intensive with lots of videos, lessons each week and your homework so it helps pass the time which is great!

I also went a did a shoot for fun of my friend who is due with her second in a couple of weeks. It was fun shooting someone other than my kids and it was my first maternity "session". I got some great shots and some bad ones! I am glad I overshot and I learned a TON! So thankful for the practice and chance to do it and look forward to when her little guy comes soon!

And this is one picture I took this week and edited for my homework....I call it....DIVA!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Graham: 5 months

How times flies when you are having fun! And Graham is SO much fun! I can not believe he is 5 months old! It has been a wild 5 months but he has continued to go with the flow and just adapt to whatever is thrown at him and has provided us with such laughter and joy and reminds us daily the importance of family when the move has gotten us down!
Graham is a super chill and easy going baby. You very much know what he needs and most of the is a bottle. He is eating 6 ounces of formula every 3 hours and sleeps from 8 PM - 7 AM every night. He is really interested in solids and watching us eat and am sure would love them if I offered but I am not ready. Maybe when our stuff gets here and his highchair we will think about it.

He loves to play on his play mat by himself and is now starting to roll and wiggle around so you never know if he will actually be on his mat when you come back. Most of the time when we come home from shopping/errands I just change his diaper, take of his clothes and let him play on his mat while we unpack the car and get settled. He is always so happy to see his mat and very content to chill.

Graham is starting this wonderful screaming sound. He isn't upset, he is just really excited and loves the sound of his voice. It is pretty amusing and we can have whole conversations together!

He is starting to sit up and is pretty good about keeping himself upright until he realizes what he is doing and he gets really exited and falls over...then laughs at himself! He will fall asleep pretty much anywhere and anytime. Give him his pacifier, put his lovey silk side down on his head, swaddle him and out he goes! Super helpful with the sometimes lack of routine we have.
Graham is outgrowing pretty much every piece of clothing that I brought for him. We are pretty sure he is pushing 19-20lbs and is out of all his 6 months clothes (minus a couple of big ones) and is in desperate need of our shipment coming with his bigger clothes or a shopping trip! He is way too heavy for me to carry and we need to start figuring out how I can carry him around...I might need to start doing some weights!

Graham Ryerson....we LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much! You are a wonderful addition to our family and we are so blessed and thankful that we get to be your parents. We pray daily that we show you how to love God and love others!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Conversations with John

Typically I have "Conversations with Peyton" but occasionally John says something might not be funny to anyone but me but it made me laugh....

I didn't want to cook, it was late so we called to our dining hall and ordered some food and I was leaving to go pick it up.

Che: "I will be back soon...maybe....unless I decide to run away."
John: 'Ok, I am not worried....considering you can't drive off camp, you can't go too far."
Che: " UGH"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Midwek Ramblings

A couple of days late but here are some ramblings about what is going on here in Saudi....
  • Ramadan has started. Stores aren't open. Shoppers buses no longer run at any times that work when you have young kids. It stinks!
  • We are waiting on the bank here to cash our check and get enough cash together at their location for us to go place the order for our car. You have to bring all cash, then they request it to be shipped from the port of Jeddah and then you get. We are hoping it will all be resolved within a couple of weeks.
  • I am HOMESICK. I am depressed, wishing I could be home. Living here and getting settled is a nasty day you can see it working and you are enjoying it and then the next you are plotting ways to escape!
  • I am deep into week 2 of 4 of my photography class and it is overwhelming. Tons of insanely talented people and I am learning a whole bunch. I am excited and look forward to my next class and then going forward and practicing.
  • Graham really is getting more and more interested in table food and would probably love and be great at starting solids. I am not ready however and have been using the excuse that we don't have our highchair as justification. I hate him growing up.
  • We have been busy this weekend organizing and finishing painting and other chores so we will be ready for when our stuff comes.
  • My sister leaves for her adventure in Abu Dhabi next week. I really hope we can have frequent trips to see her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shipment....One Week...or so

Our shipment is scheduled to arrive in the port of Dammam one week from today! Which means that if they process it quickly, customs doesn't take too long...we might get it before the government shuts down for the end of Ramadan. If not...we won't expect it until middle of September.

So....PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that....
  • The boat arrives quickly...even a day or two would help considerably. Currently it is in Dubai unloading so pray it goes faster than expected.
  • That the delivery company has everything in order and is diligent in getting it through customs and to our house
  • That customs just feels extra generous during Ramadan and just lets our stuff move through quickly so we can get it delivered ASAP
I CAN NOT WAIT to see our stuff, sleep on our comfortable bed and set up our home so when friends come back in September we can welcome them into our home and have play dates and gatherings!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadam Kareem

Today is the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and lasts 29 to 30 days. A crescent moon signals the start of Ramadan. It is the Islamic month of fasting in which Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during the daylight hours. Muslims fast for the sake of Allah and to offer more prayer than usual. Compared to the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards by about eleven days each year depending on the moon. Muslims believe Ramadan to be auspicious month for the revelaions of God to humankind and being the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Ramadan Kareem means "Generous Ramadan" and essentially a Ramadan greeting. You can also say Ramadan Mubarak which means "Congratulations it is Ramadan."

At sunset, the family will gather the fast-breaking meal known as Iftar. The meal starts with the eating of a date. Then it's time for the Maghrib prayer, which is the fourth of the five daily prayers, after which the main meal is served. Most stores close down during the day and evening prayers and the Iftar meal, but then re-open and stay open for a good part of the night.

The holiday of Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting period of Ramadan and the first day of the following month, after another new moon has been sighted. The Eid falls after 29 or 30 days of fasting, per the lunar sighting. Eid ul-Fitr means the back to the fitrah ; usually a special celebration is made. Food is donated to the poor; everyone puts on their best, usually new, clothes; and communal prayers are held in the early morning, followed by feasting and visiting relatives and friends.

So...what does month of Ramadan look like for us since we are not Muslim....
  • John has a modified work schedule where he goes in earlier and comes home earlier...6 AM to 3 PM.
  • Stores are closed during the day and open after sunset prayer and stay open until early morning 2-3 AM.
  • Although we can eat/drink during the day it is only in our homes and not in public.
  • The shoppers bus schedules are vastly different (and actually have not been published yet) so grocery shopping/errands are harder considering we can't go until after Iftar which is why I stocked up on food, paper goods, craft supplies and home projects
  • Most of the westerners have left the country so our camp is pretty empty and lonely
  • Since it is way too hard to get out (and too hot), friends are gone, not too many play dates are happening, we don't have swimming lessons and essentially have nothing to do....we have decided to finish this potty training business and are doing great! We are on day two with NO accidents. Peyton just goes by herself even when I am busy with Graham she just goes and does her thing. A lesson for sure in how kids will do it on their own time!
It will be a long month for sure but we have the purchase of a car to look forward to, hopefully our shipment arriving and then a trip to Bahrain the beginning of September so hopefully it will fly by!