Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Canada Day

On Sunday I was looking for Canada Day festivities in Houston to do as a family. When the only thing I found was a gathering at a pub I decided that it probably was a good parenting decision to not take Peyton to that and since I still wanted to celebrate Canada Day, we decided to throw a party. We made that decision midnight Sunday and had a busy couple of days to be ready to celebrate on Wednesday.

It was so worth it and we had a blast hanging out with friends, drinking Canadian beer, eating burgers, singing 'O Canada' while lighting sparklers and good conversations. I am so thankful for the great relationships we have made here and for great friends who came out to celebrate with us! I am looking forward to many more Canada Day celebrations and will be bringing some Canadian gear down from Canada this trip (because hunting around Houston for a Canadian flag is a pain...thanks to Capital Flags for being awesome)!
Here are some pictures from the day...

Table Decor, Drink Area and 'O Canada' song sheets

My variation on Martha Stewart's Maple Cupcakes. She calls for fondant made maple leafs but I decided to make sugar cookies instead.

FYI...the drink Peyton is trying to drink is Canada Dry and not beer and it was not open! Just don't want any grandparents going all crazy.

It was a great Canada Day and now we will be getting ready for Peyton's first Fourth of July! She is a busy girl celebrating all of her nationalities!

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Amber K. said...

What a GORGEOUS looking party! Love the decorations and the cupcakes look beautiful and tasty!