Monday, March 22, 2010

Growing up...

It seems like the past few weeks have been full of experiences that just remind me how big Peyton is getting and how she is no longer my little baby that used to fall asleep on my chest. Yes, she is still a baby but now she is moving into the official toddler phase and it makes me a little sad.

First we started with getting her first haircut! Her bangs were starting to cover her eyes and she refused to wear a bow to keep them out of her eyes so we went and got her haircut. She looks so much older now but very adorable! Also it seems like getting her hair cut, even if it was just her bangs has resulted in the rest of her hair being more curly than normal! She was so good getting her hair cut and only cried when the scissors got close but stayed still and calmed down quickly.
She is also starting to learn the hand movements to all of her songs that we sing regularly and will ask you to start singing the song so she can do the movements. So far we are professionals at the Etsy Bitsy Spider, If you are happy and you know it, Do your ears hang low and Mr. Sun! I have a video that I will try and upload but it might take awhile so we will see!

Here is Peyton at the computer, I guess typing an email! She just walked in there, climbed up on the chair and starting typing away!
The biggest change though is her new big girl bed! Yes, she is no longer in a crib! She started putting her leg over the crib about three weeks ago and could just get her ankle over. Either way we started discussing what we should do since her crib was on the lowest setting. When we bought her crib we didn't go with a convertible crib because we figured she would be in it for awhile and then we would transition her when we needed it for a new baby, well, that plan didn't work and since we didn't have a convertable crib (one that converts into a toddler bed) we went out to Ikea and got her an Minnen extendable bed. It is amazing! It is the width of a twin and starts at a pretty small length but can extend to slightly larger and then finally into a twin sized bed.

Well we had bought the bed on a Friday but didn't have time to put it together and wanted to wait until we had a calm day at home so we could take the time to transition to it. So, on Wednesday Peyton did not want to go down for her nap and after awhile she was quiet so I figured she gave up. When I walked by her room however I noticed a shadow by her door. I kept walking and then realized that they were her feet! I ran into her room and sure enough she was standing my the door. I must have scared her because normally when I get mad at her she laughs (yes I know how bad that sounds and I am working on my scary mom look but that is a whole seperate post) and this time she had fear in her eyes which I am not going to lie gave me a little bit of happiness that I could scare her. I was so scared that she hurt herself and I guess she saw it! Well, I checked her over and she was fine but that night we set up her new bed.

We have it on the smallest size and she LOVES it! Really loves it! She sleeps so much longer and sounder and is so excited to get into her new bed. I was so nervous about getting her to stay in bed but she has adjusted amazingly well. The first night it took about 30 minutes but since then she pretty much stays in bed! We have a baby gate across her door so when she gets up in the morning she isn't wandering around the house so she now just calls for me from there. I am so incredibly proud of her on how well she has adjusted!
I am glad she likes her bed and is sleeping fine is SO HARD to see your little baby who looked so small in her crib when we brought her home now in a big girl bed. I did have some tears the first night! I miss my baby!


Kendra said...

Such a big girl! Levi's 1st haircut was hard for me! He had such cute curls. Haven't done the bed thing yet. Not looking forward to it though.

Stori said...

It is amazing! Just a little over a year ago, you were quitting your job to stay at home with your newborn, and now she's so big :). I love her curly hair. You have a beautiful, sweet girl, and you should be proud.