Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Dedication

This past weekend we did a baby dedication for the three babies in our small group. We had Peyton, Gavin and Caleb. It was such a special event and even more special to be able to do it with friends that mean so much to us. We had food, cake and invited all of our friends and family who have been instrumental in supporting us in the endeavor.

Our church has the small groups within the church do a dedication because in reality, the relationships that we have in small groups are the ones that will be praying for us specifically, encouraging us, mentoring us and being the ones to help keep us going. One of the wives from our small group's dad is a pastor at our church and he graciously came out to lead the dedication. Since it is May and insanely hot in Texas, we mostly hung out inside, but decided to have the ceremony outside so everyone could see.

The dedication part was so sweet and inspiring. We appreciated hearing the pastor's words that he spoke about it being our responsibilities to teach Peyton to trust the Lord and to love HIM and serve Him through our words and our actions. Now...during the dedication we saw why these are done when kids are babies. Peyton wanted to get down and run around and at one point, got her lovey and paci and laid down on the grass to go to sleep! What a silly girl! And then when the pastor was done, she promptly waved and said, "bye," to him. Silly!

It was a special day and I am glad we took the time to create those memories!

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