Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to Saudi and Ramblings and Updates....

To try and catch up on what has been happening in Saudi since we got back from Bali, I am going to condense everything here.....
  • Our trip home was smooth and much easier than the way there. I did realize when we were landing in Kuala Lampur that I packed my abaya in my suitcase as opposed to our carry on and had a slight moment of panic as I was wearing a v-neck and short sleeve shirt. I decided to shop around the Kuala Lampur airport before we departed and found a lightweight jacket to put on when we arrived in Saudi. Spent more than I would have liked but now I have a nice lightweight, water proof jacket for the summer in Washington!
  • After getting home, I unfortunately got sick pretty much the day we got back and was pretty under the weather for a week or so :(
  • We had Easter the day after we got back and I was thankful that I had planned everything and put it all together before we left. We didn't do much as we were traveling over the weekend and then John was at work on the actual Easter day and I was incredibly sick but we did celebrate with an egg hunt in the morning, baskets, and the Easter story and a craft that I brought back from Christmas time. Peyton had a party at school and a friend graciously took Graham to a planned egg hunt that some friends put together at the beach.   And then we had a very fancy Easter dinner of pizza (I was just too sick to make anything)!  Not exactly the day I had in mind but we were able to celebrate and share the Easter story with the kids and at the end of the day, hearing Peyton explain the real reason for Easter was the best way to celebrate the resurrection!

  • Shortly after Easter, some friends and I went to Bahrain for some girl time! It was incredibly nice to be able to hang out with three of my closest friends here and have some girl time. We had pedicures and manicures, shopping without kids and eating without kids and swimming in the grown up pool! Just a fun time of laughing and bonding! Lots of fun! Being in Saudi it is hard to go out and do stuff and it was great to be able to have some good girl time and feel more normal!

  • Another big change was Graham giving up his bottles! I was so nervous about doing it and worried how he would handle it but he was a champ! John totally took the lead on it and it was not an issue at all. It has been so much smoother than I ever expected!
  • We have started swimming lessons up again and as expected Peyton was overjoyed. Graham had so much fun and is so much more comfortable in the water than last year and it is fun to watch him progress. Peyton is swimming the width of the pool (when she is paying attention and concentrating) and I love watching how much fun she has in the pool!
  • We had an meeting/evaluation at the school for K4 (pre-k) next year for Peyton. Essentially it was for parents to turn in paperwork and check what immunizations they still need and then for the kids to see the classes, meet a teacher and do some activities while the teachers watch them and talk to them some more. Peyton was so excited about the whole day and is very excited about big kid school next year. I know she will do wonderfully next year and am excited about next year for her!
  • And also next year...Graham will be attending one of the in home preschools on camp (the same one Peyton went to when we first moved here). He has been asking daily about going to school. Everyday we drop off Peyton he asks to go as well. It makes me so sad to see him growing up. I don't have a little baby anymore :( and I have no idea what I will do with all this free time if they both end up going in the mornings!

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