Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduation Day...

Just before heading out of Saudi for the summer was Peyton's graduation from her preschool. She will be attending the big kid school next year starting Pre-K. She will going half days and riding the bus! Big changes and mommy can't believe (and is pretty sad) that she will be starting her elementary schooling.

Back to graduation...her teacher went above and beyond and had a wonderful program full of songs for us to watch and it was such a fun and special day. They had been practicing for weeks and it so wonderfully done and such a special day. We had a friend watch Graham and John was able to attend and it was just a great morning celebrating Peyton and the milestone up ahead.

Unfortunately Peyton had accidentally ingested gluten two days earlier and was still recovering and was incredibly tired. I wasn't sure she would be able to make it through it but she wanted to do it so badly and did. She did such a great job. 

They were singing a song about monkeys in a tree and alligators and I caught this picture of Peyton. She is doing a smirking face that I am known to do. So happy to see she gets something from me!

With her teachers. They have been such an amazing and positive influence for her this year. She has such excitement about school and has thrived beyond anything we could have expected. It was such a blessing to have two wonderful teachers in her life this year to prepare her for next year! Unfortunately they are retiring so Graham won't be able to attend :(

We are so incredibly proud of our graduate and look forward to watching her grow next year in big kid school. Peyton, you are an incredibly bright, strong and amazing young girl and I know that you are destined to do great things! We love you so much!

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