Friday, August 29, 2014

Shiloh - 3 months

Towards the end of our trip to Washington, Shiloh turned 3 months old! She has had a busy three months and has gone with the flow with smiles and contentment! 

Shiloh is by far the happiest, easiest and most content baby I think I have ever been around and by far the happiest out of our three. She is constantly smiling, always content and rarely cries! She LOVES people and loves being around activity!

Here is what is going on with Shiloh at 3 months:
  • You are sleeping great at night! You go to bed around 7:00 and sleep until 10:00 and then wake up around 6:00 AM and then go back for a morning nap about an hour later! 
  • You are also still napping a bunch….3-4 times a day easily!
  • You are cooing, saying "a-goo" and smiling all the time. We got what sounded like the beginning of a laugh from you the other day!
  • You love watching what is going on around you and are not interested in toys. You would much rather watch people! 
  • You have found your thumb/hands :(
  • You LOVE your milk and are nursing about every three hours during the day and doing great!

These three months have flown by yet have been so peaceful and more than I could have imagined with adding a third baby. I have cherished this newborn phase with Shiloh so much and am so thankful for it!

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