Thursday, September 4, 2014

Peyton's Spook-tacular Sixth Birthday

About a week after school started, Peyton had her sixth birthday! I think this birthday snuck up on me in so many ways and I was not ready to throw a party or even acknowledge that my first baby was already six years old! 

Her teacher said that if we had the time we could make an "All About Peyton," poster to bring in and share with the class in celebration of her day. She was so excited and proud of her poster!

Then it was birthday party time! For months I have been asking Peyton what kind of party she wanted and she kept saying a "ghost" birthday. I kept trying to give her other suggestions and finally just embraced her idea and went with it. So, we had a spook-tacular birthday for Peyton!

We played egg/spoon race and the eggs were decorated with black ghost eyes and mouths done with black marker! 

And we had a ghost wrapping contest which was hilarious and ended up in a toilet paper fight/madness!

We also had a pop the ghost with candy and confetti inside each balloon which was fun for the kids!

Peyton had a wonderful birthday! She loved her party and had a great time celebrating with friends! Mommy and daddy were exhausted and pretty impressed that we were able to pull together the birthday only a few weeks after coming back to Saudi and with a little baby in the house! 

Happy Birthday Peyton! 

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