Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Cupcake's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Peyton's birthday party a week later due to the holiday weekend and it was so much fun. I have been planning a cupcake themed party for months (mostly due to my trip to Canada and wanting to stay ahead) and it came out just like I wanted.

It was so much fun to celebrate Peyton's big day with our friends and family. We are so blessed to have such great relationships here and this year has been such an amazing year due to their support, prayer and encouragement.

Here are some pictures from the big day and you can check out more here! I didn't upload ones with people in it because it was taking too long so check out the other ones!

I looked everywhere for invitations and couldn't find something I loved so I ended up making them myself and liked how they turned out!

A couple of days before the party we took Peyton to the park to take some portraits of her in her outfit. I ordered this tutu and personalized onesie off of Etsy from the Pampered Little Princess Boutique. It was really nicely made and you can completely customize it to your colors etc!

I ordered the bloomers off of Etsy as well but the person I ordered it from no longer has an account but you can find tons of cute diaper covers on Etsy. She also made the personalized bib for her to wear when eating her cupcake!

Here is the party girl looking to see if her friends have arrived yet! Isn't she so cute on her tip-toes! Here are pictures of all the decorations I made hanging up around the house and on the chandelier as well as the favors.

Here is the door sign I made from a cupcake template I found online and then had John enlarge on the copier for me. I used two different card stocks and scrapbook sticker letters.

This was the inspiration for the color purple for the party. I found this cupcake fabric for the tablecloth and needed some complementary fabric to make it big enough so we went with purple and so everything was purple. This was my first sewing project ever too and I am happy it turned out!

I decorated the cupcake stand with various pieces of purple card stock and ribbon to dress it up more.

I ordered the name banner from
Whimzy Creations also on Etsy and she was so easy to work with and turned it around super cute. You can order Happy Birthday ones as well but I liked this one so we could use it other times for her!

Here is the table with all of the food....veggies, fruit, chicken salad with cupcake shaped bread, chicken nuggets and also Red Velvet cake balls.

Here is a close up of the cake balls. I got this idea from
Bakerella . Hers are a whole lot nicer but I was having some problems with the whole process so my friend Diane came over the night before the party and helped me figure out a solution. So, we made them more by hand instead of doing the cookie cutter method and then put them in little cupcake wrappers. They turned out great thanks to Diane's help. I did follow Bakerella's recipe though!

Here are the cupcakes! My friend Lindsey iced all of them for me which was amazing! I got the little cupcake picks off of Etsy again from Orange1 who did a great job and you can again customize it however you want. I got some that said "Peyton," "Happy Birthday," and
"One." A nice way to dress up your cupcakes!As I am sure most kids do...Peyton was not a fan of all the excitement and attention!

But she did love the cupcake and frosting!

We ended the day with lots of presents and one very tired cupcake!

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