Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year marked my first Thanksgiving in Saudi! Last year I headed back to the States mid November and John stayed back in Saudi. It was a little crazy to think how fast a year has gone by and how different life is here a year later. For one, I never thought that I would feel as comfortable as I did about spending a major holiday here and it was a wonderful feeling being so excited to spend the day with friends and how much it felt normal and like home. It was truly a wonderful day and helped affirm how much difference time makes!

We spent Thanksgiving lunch at our friend's house and we enjoyed one of the best meals we have ever had on Thanksgiving. Everything was delicious! Everyone was assigned or volunteered for a dish and we all searched high and low around the Kingdom for all the ingredients and nothing was missing from the traditional Thanksgiving feast! What I also loved was that since it was all prepared by different people/families, it was a whole new taste experience and so much fun to taste everyone's family recipes. Our favorite by far was a sweet potatoes soufflé! It was outstanding! We both don't love sweet potatoes but we went back for seconds and thirds. So yummy!

One family, a Saudi coworker of our hosts, had a cake made at a bakery in the shape of a turkey. It was pretty intense and had so much detail. The best part was the white and dark meat inside with chocolate and vanilla cake!

We even enjoyed some football. It was a downloaded game from the week before but it was nice to have football playing!

We had a wonderful time with friends and ate a bunch! It was a pretty great Thanksgiving! One more week until we head back to Washington and kick off Christmas time!

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