Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ready to Go!

We are all packed and ready to go to start our journey Washington tonight! 

The taxi picks us up at 10:00 PM and our flight leaves out of Bahrain at 2:00 AM. We fly to London and have a ten hour layover so we went ahead and booked a hotel room for the day and then we fly into Vancouver where my mom will be waiting to drive us down to the USA and to Bellingham! Peyton is overjoyed that her countdown chain only has one more ring left and she is planning on how she is going to great my mom. She was even talking to Graham about how she would help him find G if he didn't remember who she was since he is a baby and she is a big girl. So cute!

This trip seems to have been much more stressful preparing for with arranging plans for the house, and working to set up a contractor to start some work on the crawl space and then also ordering the majority of our items that we normally take the time to go around and buy since I knew we would be busy with the house. It just seemed like so much going on and extra long lists this time around. But we have gotten as much done as we can and are ready to enjoy a month in Washington!

I am incredibly thankful this time because John is flying with me both ways and he has the whole month off! I am so excited to have a whole month with John and have help on both legs of the flight! This is proving to be incredibly more helpful than it already was with both me and Graham catching a pretty bad cold. I have been sleeping and useless for the past two days and have a tiny bit more energy today while Graham started getting sick yesterday with a cough and runny nose. We are praying that he either heals quickly, or that it doesn't progress much worse and that he continues to handle it like the champ he is and with the smile he normally has!

So....11 more hours until we head out..... :)

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