Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back into the swing of things

Getting back to Saudi and our day to day life was such a breathe of fresh air! There is really no place like home! As much fun as you can have traveling or as much as you miss family or the States....it is stressful, tiring and a lot to take in and do and it is always nice to be home and back to normal!

With the weather being beautiful we are outside pretty much everyday. I know that the hot summer is around the corner and we will have to entertain inside and I am soaking up the free entertainment via playgrounds and beaches while I can. 

We have had many trips to the library to pick out new books which we typically read over ice cream or lunch at the coffee shop on camp before heading home. 

We also had tons of birthday parties to attend when we came back. We had five or six in January! It was all lots of fun though and since we are each other's family in Saudi, you grow close to each other's kids and it is a lot of fun celebrating them and watching them grow up.

One of the parties was a horse party and they had horse rides. Peyton of course LOVED it and started the whole asking for horse lessons process again. Graham wouldn't touch the horse at first, then he touched it and allowed me to put him on the saddle but wasn't too pleased with that. 

Since the weather is beautiful and we live just around the corner and down the street from Peyton's preschool we are riding our bike or scooter or walking almost everyday for drop off and pick up. 

We also have been having loads of picnics for lunch time. Some with friends and some with just my crew! 

Peyton has started back with ballet and I love seeing her all dressed up and girly every time she goes. She has also started soccer (which will be a post of its own soon) but is really just waiting (very impatiently) for swimming to start back up.

Lots of wonderful family time and time with friends. The weeks are flying by since we have been home and we haven't been busy with anything too exciting but filled with some truly great days filled with lots of dinners with friends, game nights, starting a weekly learning based play group, watching the Bachelor with girlfriends, busy with client photography sessions but for the most part our days have been filled with spending quality time as a family and with friends. Defiantly the good life!

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