Saturday, January 26, 2013

Desert Roses

One Friday a group of eight families all loaded up and decided to head to the desert to search for sand roses also called desert roses. We had the GPS coordintates and one family who had been before and so we were hoping to find the place and no one get stuck in the sand!

We packed up food, shovels and brought the dog along and off we went on our adventure. One of the best parts was that I chose not to wear an abaya (brought incase) and just wore pants and a modest shirt that covered most of my arms. It is always nice to not have to be covered up!

Here is a video of our caravan through the desert towards the sand roses....

Once we got there we unloaded, got the sand toys out and had a blast exploring, digging and finding treasure. 

And we came home with a pretty large assortment of different sized and shaped sand roses! A really fun day hanging out with friends, exploring Saudi and playing in the desert. We are hoping to take a trip to Hofuf and the Al-Ahsa Oasis  as well as some nearby caves in the near future. Not too much to explore in regards to tourist sites around here which makes it even more fun to explore the ones we have!

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