Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to Saudi We Go

Unfortunately it was time for us to head back to Saudi. It was my shortest time in Washington but we needed to get back. Peyton had already missed some school, baby #3 was growing and we needed to get back and get back into real life. 

It was such a wonderful time home and we were sad to leave but excited about all the things to come in Saudi with a big ultrasound for baby #3, Graham's 3rd birthday and welcoming baby in May! 

Saying Goodbye to G and Papa….and our car all loaded up!
Going home is always a little more logistically challenging. We came to Washington with two suitcases and left with ten pieces of luggage. Yes 10! We had a stroller (that I normally leave in Washington but wanted in Saudi for baby), an infant car seat, 2 boxes of gluten free goodies, 1 box of baby gear, 1 duffel bag of baby gear including a new pack n play and then 4 suitcases….plus three carry ons! Thankfully it all fit in our car and my dad was there to help at the airport. I was super proud of myself for one having it all packed ahead of time (I only had a couple bags the night before to pack) and they all weighed 49.7 or right around there! I was pretty accurate! 

After checking in, saying our goodbyes it was off to buy the kids some treats for the plane….
Peyton picked a stuffed animal thing….of course!
Graham picked a space shuttle

And then we were off….it was an easy flight again with them! It was harder on me because I didn't get up and walk as much or drink as much water with it being an overnight flight but we made it. Peyton managed to sleep close to 10 hours and Graham slept for about 3.5 hours, was up for a little bit and then back to sleep for another 3. They were excellent little travelers. We landed in Dubai and I became a little concerned when I couldn't get my shoes on due to the swelling and was worried I would be walking off the plane with no shoes. Thankfully I got them on and walking through the airport helped the swelling a little. We stopped for ice cream, made our next flight and was on our way to Saudi. The customs/passport line was a breeze since I was a solo woman with kids and was allowed to go in front of everyone :) and then we got some help with our ten bags….all of which made it and then we were off to see daddy (and a friend who came to help drive our stuff home). 

The kids were overjoyed to see John. This trip was really hard on them being away from their daddy. They cried for the first time when we left him and had more moments than normal asking why daddy wasn't there or wishing he could do things with us so it was a sweet moment to see them reunite. 

We made it home and unloaded bags and stayed up until 3:00 AM and then crashed. Unfortunately I was up at 8:00 AM due to being hungry but the kids slept until 3:00 PM which was great but jet lag hasn't been that easy and it was a full week until they got somewhat turned around and not up at 2:00 AM but even now they are still a little out of sorts and sleepy earlier in the day. But we are happy to be home!

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