Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peyton's Ski Day at Mt Baker

My dad wanted to take Peyton skiing this time we were home but only had one day that worked with his travel schedule and before we left. He told me what gear to go and get for her and they headed out to Mt Baker the morning before we left. She was adorable all suited up in her new pants, gloves, helmet and everything! She was really excited but also nervous about being able to do it and I was scared she would get fed up or frustrated and not try.

They got to the mountain and got her boots and skis and then went to a lesson. She was the only one in her lesson and my dad left her to do her class. It was probably for the best that one my dad took her for the first time and that he left her alone to do her class. I knew she wouldn't whine or not try in her class and sure enough she did great!

After her class they had some hot chocolate and then went out to the bunny hills where she apparently did really well and was awesome about getting back up and had a blast. The skied for about 2-3 hours before having a break and having lunch. 

She was so hungry that she even ate the peanut butter sandwich that I packed for her. It is hard to make cold gluten free meals that she will eat so I had tons of other items in her bag in case and then threw in a sandwich figuring if she was hungry enough she would eat it. She did! And then they headed back out again!

We were wondering at home where they were thinking it would be a quick trip but she stayed out for several more hours and begged not to leave and to come back the next day. She loved it! She came home so excited and full of stories and excited about Graham going next year.

I am so incredibly proud of her attitude and willingness and her skills……John and I need to get out on the mountain and practice to keep up with our kids! We will for sure be taking her next Christmas and Graham will be old enough as well to start. I am excited to be so close to skiing and look forward to a new family activity!

On a side note….I was telling my mom how grateful I am for Peyton's health. A year ago she wouldn't have been able to ski for a whole day, have the energy or attitude to do it. As hard as it was to watch her get sick and go through everything this summer with Celiacs, the result is a completely different kid who is healthy, strong, energetic and has a completely different attitude. I am so thankful that we found everything out as soon as we did and for a healthy girl!

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