Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was so much fun! I had asked Peyton a long time ago what she wanted to be and she was in a 101 Dalmation fascination and wanted to be Cruella DeVille. My mom was here at the time and helped make her costume and then everything took off from there. Graham wanted to be a firefighter and then Shiloh became a dalmation to tie everyone together. I am sure this is the first and probably last year I can pull off a sibling themed Halloween costumes but I am glad I did and I loved all of their costumes!

For Shiloh I made her tutu and used black felt dots on it and on her onesie for the spots and then the ears were two felt ears with clips to add onto a black headband. I brought baby leg warmers in white with black dots for her legs. Her costume was absolutely adorable! I loved it and loved that she kept everything on all night!

Peyton's costume was amazing! My mom made her cape and dress and it was so perfect for Peyton and her personality. We bought the wig while we were home over the summer and it her costume was a hit!

And Graham was my adorable fireman! It was a pretty awesome costume with real clasps and buttons and nicely made but it was hot! Thankfully he was just so proud of it that he wore it and didn't complain!

The kids had a Halloween parade at the school earlier in the day and Halloween parties which thankfully John was able to leave work early and so we would split our time between the classes and then switch halfway through. Then that night we had a great night trick or treating around camp and finishing up with dinner at a friend's house! Lots of fun!

The next week was our turn to dress up and have some fun at our annual Murder Mystery party that I throw each year with my two best friends here. This year's theme was a circus and I was the tightrope walker who hurt her ankle and John was the tattoo man. So much fun and although tons of work to put together it is a nice change of pace and a fun night! Always fun answering the door for your babysitter all dressed up like this….

My best friends here in Saudi!

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