Sunday, December 18, 2011


Just a couple of days after we made it back up to Washington, John arrived! I could not have been more excited to see him and have an extra pair of hands with the kids. Even if you are with family and they are helping you out it just isn't the same without your partner!

I surprised him by bringing the kids with me to the airport to pick him up. It was a two hour drive so I had mentioned that it might be too much for them. He was so happy to see them and they were both happy to see their daddy. Peyton had made signs and was over the moon happy and wanted only daddy. Graham was smiling and was happy to finally see him in person as opposed to hearing him on Skype and wondering where he was. After we left the airport we went and ate lunch in Seattle and walked around the market and then headed to my parents.

While John was in town we showed him all our favorite eating spots, trails and also various neighborhoods and houses....hoping to convince him that we should move there!

We went to Vancouver for the day, drove around and also visited the aquarium. When we were leaving we told Peyton that whatever animal was her favorite that we would go back one more time and see it....after much thought she replied....the monkeys! Seriously! Out of all the amazing fish, whales, dolphins etc she picked the monkeys!


John also managed to go snowboarding with my dad and my sister one day and reports were that he did pretty well! I had the chance to go one day and didn't...don't know why but I just wasn't up for it and didn't feel like falling constantly and beating my body up and then having to do mommy duty! John was sore for days and it didn't seem worth it!

John and I also managed to get out on a few dates which was wonderful! Although we are pretty consistent on having a weekly date night at home here in Saudi, it is not the same as being able to go out somewhere nice! My sister flew into Seattle from Abu Dhabi and her flight arrived at midnight afternoon/evening we went to Seattle and went shopping (at Nordstroms...happy!!!), then went and had drinks and appetizers at the Four Seasons, dinner (at 10:30 PM) at the Pink Door and then dessert at the Purple Cafe! When we made reservations for dinner and all they had was 10:30 PM I just had to laugh! I don't remember the last time we were out that late and 10:30 PM is normally bed time for us...not go out for dinner! John surprised me by going to Nordstroms at the beginning of the night and getting me a new fun date outfit and then we just enjoyed walking around Seattle, sitting at restrarants, holiding hands and spennding time together!

Another night while in Bellingham we went to Hearthfire Grill and had the most AMAZING food! I have never finished my entire plate at dinner and I devoured my food. It was delicious! We have also never asked to tell the chef how great our dinner was and we had to just compliment him! I had a salmon dish and John had a tuna steak and it was wonderful! We got there just before nine and had amazing service and another late night of wonderful conversation, lots of discussions about the past six months and then looking forward to our future! So beyond thankful for the time we go to have together!

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