Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

We spend New Year's Eve traveling back to Saudi! We flew out of Washington on the 30th and arrived in Saudi the evening of the 31st. We successfully made it back with all 8 of our suitcases...each weighing 50lbs...our car seats, stroller and two kids and looked like a traveling circus! I was so thankful to have John on the way home and really don't know how I would have handled all the bags and kids and car returns etc without him. We made it through customs again without any issue (the guy was playing on his iPhone while the bags were going through the xray), got all our bags into the car and headed back home to celebrate New Years sitting on our couch with two very wide awake kids!

John took off to additional days to help with unpacking, jet lag and getting us settled which was much needed and appreciated! We tried to go and pick up our dog a day early and drove all the way there to realize that they were closed on New Years Day which resulted in Peyton getting very upset (totally our fault and we felt awful). We finally got him the next day and everyone was very happy to see each other and Peyton hasn't left his side.

It has taken about a week but everyone is finally sleeping in and back to our normal schedule and we are getting back into our routine and ready to kick off the year here in Saudi!

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