Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Letter to Santa

Peyton was very much into the whole Santa thing this year! Lots of questions and waiting anxiously for Christmas to come. One day she wrote a letter to Santa with my mom's help and we went off to Macy's to mail it. I loved that in her letter she asked Santa to bring Graham a truck and some baby food!


After mailing the letter we went and had lunch and then went to finish up some Christmas shopping. While we were walking in the mall, Peyton saw Santa. She was so excited and kept asking to see him. I really didn't want to wait in line but there was no stopping her. She didn't care and just wanted to talk to Santa. So, we waited in line...and while were waiting I started to realize that we should get the kids pictures done and that this would be Graham's first time seeing Santa....and well....I probably should have dressed them to match...or more Christmas like....or at least in nice clothes. Then I thought to myself...maybe I have time to run into Gymboree and buy something....oh, but then John would kill me for buying unnecessary clothes. I just continued to take deep breathes and remember that it didn't matter what they were wearing and that this was just about the experience and we made it to the front of the line and Peyton ran into Santa's lap and started chatting away. She even made sure that Graham was sitting with her and that Santa knew what he wanted. Graham thought Santa was awesome. And well, Mommy just went with it.....trying to not think about how nicer the picture would be with Christmas outfits because this isn't the real meaning of Christmas, it doesn't matter and well, Jesus was born in a stable and didn't have a perfect little outfit picked out.

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