Friday, February 1, 2013

Soccer Season

The middle of January was the start of soccer season. There are four teams in Division 1 (4-5 year olds) and Peyton's team is called Marseille. There are six boys and two girls on her team. John is acting as a Assistant Coach and having fun at practice and the games and starting his daddy duties acting as a coach. They practice once a week and have a game every Thursday (our Saturday here in Saudi). So far her team has won all of their games and tied one of them.

I got pretty teary eyed the first time she put on her uniform. I can't believe I have a child in an organized team sport! She looks so grown up :(

What I am proud of the most with Peyton playing soccer is how much she hangs with the boys. She is SO TOUGH! The first game she got pushed and I was so nervous that she would melt down. Instead she got right back up and went after the ball. Such a tough cookie and not afraid to push back at times or give the boys a lecture on the rules :) She really does such a good job of going after the ball, kicking it out toward the goal. 

She also is so good at going out there when she is tired and I have seen her fitness improve so much since the first game. The first game she barely played because she was so tired and now she is out there a large part of the game. Such a hard worker! 

Since she was the one who was begging to sign up for soccer, I have been a little surprised that we have such a battle to get her there especially on practice days. She has fun at the games but I don't think she will be wanting to do this again next year. 

Graham LOVES going to her games to watch her. He is her best and loudest cheerleader and it warms my heart! He is constantly cheering her on, telling her to run, kick and go and claps for her. It is so absolutely adorable. I have a video of her playing and just writing about Graham reminds me that I should video him cheering for her. He is also a pretty good soccer player already and his kicks are actually stronger than Peyton so maybe that will be his thing. Either way, Thursday game days have been a blast watching Peyton and seeing her try new things and watching Graham and his support for his sister!

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