Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Peyton was so excited about Valentines this year. She remembered everything about it from the year before and was really looking forward to her party at school. About a week before we started working on making her Valentines and she had so much fun. Peyton LOVES crafts, art projects and we do something arts and crafts almost every day. I had brought some heart stickers and other stamps from the States back with us (so thankful that Michaels was putting it out on the last few days we were there) and we set up the dining room table as command central. She made a couple a day and by the time the party came around we had made 19 Valentines! She was so proud (and so was I) of all the cards she made!

The day of the party she dressed up in her heart shirt and I surprised her with a valentines bow and bracelet I found at Gymboree. She was so surprised and so thankful which was so cute!

They had a great party at school and she was loaded down with goodies during the bike ride home. And of course she insisted on carrying all of it herself! 

On the actual Valentines Day, John made everyone heart shaped pancakes and gave the kids gifts and a note. Graham got a bubble gun and Peyton a teddy bear. And then we were able to run errands go for lunch just the two of us which was so much fun and less stressful :) A great Valentines Day with all my loves!

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