Friday, September 6, 2013

It's a Paw-ty

Peyton's birthday party this year was puppy dog themed so it was time to Paw-ty for her fifth birthday! She LOVES dogs! She loves all dogs, she loves to pretend to be a dog, she likes to play veterinarian with her stuffed animals...she just loves dogs, so this was a perfect way to celebrate her birthday!

One of my rules that started at Peyton's fourth birthday is that they can invite whoever can fit at our table which is 8 people (including the birthday person and their sibling). So far it has been working as last year and this year Peyton's parties have been so much more manageable and we can do fun activities with smaller groups.

Our activity this time was a pet adoption center where they would be able to adopt a puppy, get the puppy a house, go to another station and pick out a blanket for the puppy and then make it a collar and finally get an adoption certificate for their new dog. It was a great activity for the kids!

We also had pin the puppy back inside the dog house. John made a dog house for the game and I printed puppies with their names written on them for the game.

Each place setting had a name tag, dog bone sippy cup, a dog bowl to eat out of, a party hat and a party blower thing.

Peyton's dog food cake! It was super easy to make and was entirely gluten free! The cake was gluten free and we went through a gluten free peanut butter and chocolate ball cereal and picked out the chocolate ball ones to make the cake with melted gluten free marshmallows to help mold the cereal! So much fun!

Here we are explaining the pet adoption to the kids and how I have so many puppies that needed homes and asking if they could adopt some puppies today.

A lady on our camp makes pinatas and made a great dog bone pinata for the party! It was perfect and the kids loved it!

Then it was time to eat and the kids LOVED eating like puppy dogs! It was so much fun to watch them! 

Then it was birthday cake time! I had found some dog bone candles as well to go with the cake.

It was a wonderful birthday party and a great way to celebrate our sweet girl turning five!

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