Sunday, September 8, 2013

Peyton's first week in K4

The K4 program had a soft start for the kids where they only went part of the week and for part of their normal day to help ease them into school. I am sure some kids needed that but Peyton was so ready to do this on her own and couldn't undertstand why I was there and actually regressed during the week and made me worried about her doing it on her own. Thankfully she was fine the next week when she did have to go on her own and having mommy not with her was all she needed to resume her confident, idependent self!

It was nice however to get to know her teacher more, help Peyton navigate how snack time would work being gluten free and feel more comfortable and handling her allergy at school and how to take responsibility for getting her snack out of her bag, the school provides daily snack for all the other kids and we felt it was easier and more consistent for her to have the rule that she only eats her snack.  It was such an incredible answered prayer when I called the nurse before the start of school and she said she also is gluten free and would help educate her teacher, check on Peyton and has been an amazing support for us. She even calls on certain days like when they are having popcorn to check if it is alright. It was such a huge answered prayer to have someone in the school so educated on this and a resource and support for us. 

Her classroom and her teacher are amazing and it was nice to be able to see the passion her teacher has for teaching in just that short week. Made mommy feel much more comfortable about her going to big kid school!

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