Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Activities

With it being our first Christmas away from the States it was nice to try and bring some Christmas cheer and activities to our life here while keeping out the materialism and never ending advertising. I loved being able to celebrate and reflect as a family on the real reason for Christmas without fighting the shopping frenzy. We did make sure to include fun festive Christmas activities.

Our Elf Noodle arrived back from the North Pole…..

And he brought the kids new Christmas PJs that I managed to pick up in October at the Gymboree here :)

We took a trip to Bahrain for the weekend to finish up Christmas shopping without the interruption of prayer and loved listening to Christmas music in the stores, a winter wonderland and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.

John and I took the time while in Bahrain….and the hotel baby sitting service….to go out for dinner!

We spent lots of time as a family and soaking up time together since I was heading to Washington shortly. These two are such good friends and it is such a sweet phase of life watching their relationship grow.

Another weekend was Visitor from the North put on by a group on camp. It is always so well done and this year was no exception. They decorated the theater in a winter wonderland, have junior high students dressed as elves as helpers and of course Santa who gives each kid an age/gender appropriate gift. Of course both kids had no fear about seeing Santa and were full of requests and conversation!

We decorated gluten free sugar cookies! It is a family tradition that I had growing up to decorate cookies so we had to continue it. I did find that gluten free cookies break a whole lot easier so we didn't have too many left that were able to be decorated but the kids had a blast!

A wonderful Christmas season and thankful to be able to include so many traditions and also still experience the Christmas atmosphere being so close to Bahrain! A busy and fun month!

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