Sunday, December 8, 2013

Graham's First Trip to the ER

It was bound to happen sometime and thankfully it took over 2.5 years for us to have to make a trip to the ER with Graham. And even more thankful it wasn't more serious. 

So….what happened….we had come home from the Visitor at the North event where the kids get to see Santa and they get a present each. At our house we have two living areas, a nice living room that the kids never play in and we only use with friends and for John and I to relax and then their playroom where we are almost all the time. We decided to let them open their new presents in the nice living next to the Christmas tree and enjoy a nice family afternoon in front of the tree. Well, we also have these two cube ottomans that have a soft top or you can flip over for a wooden tray top for drinks. They are always on the soft side but we had our coffees in there and had one flipped over. Graham decided to crawl around of the couch, lost his balance and bam….hit right above his eye on his eyebrow right on the edge of the tray. It was loud and bloody. Thankfully we were able to get the bleeding to stop surprisingly fast and look at it and see it was a deep one and would need stitches. So, we got everyone ready and headed to the ER.

He was such a pro waiting and being strong and letting them look and then we had to start the procedure. It was horrible. They had to use a sheet to bind him to hold him down and he was so scared and just keeping pleading with me, "mommy, please tell them to stop, please let me go, please stop touching me." It was rough. Thankfully they had one person holding his legs, one holding his head and I was at his arms while the doctor worked. He was crying so hard, I started getting teary eyed and I was so thankful when he was done…four stitches later. 

He is such a sweet boy though and when the doctor was done he said, "Thank you doctor for fixing me, Merry Christmas." That statement shows so much about his heart and how kind, loving and appreciative he is. He has done great in letting me put new tape on it and didn't have very much bruising. I did make John hold him down when they removed the stitches which ended up being worse than when they put them in because he knew what was happening. Thankfully it is past us and now we just have scar management to tackle. He has a pretty brutal scar where it was but we have been putting on scar cream and then also making sure to have sunscreen or a bandaid over it when he goes outside to keep the sun off of it. The doctor said that keeping sun away from it was key. Thankfully we are heading to Washington and that shouldn't be a problem but I know it will be work in Saudi….I am praying it isn't too bad and heals up nicely. 

Poor guy and praying that there aren't too many more visits to the ER in our future…..

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