Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

This year we celebrated our first Christmas in Saudi Arabia and for me (Che), my first Christmas away from my family. It was a lot quieter than usual but it was a great, relaxing and wonderful day!

We set out all the presents the night before. The kids big presents are two bikes hidden behind the tree and their chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. I have always wanted to buy them these chairs and just never wanted to spend the money on them. With them now sharing a room with the arrival of Baby #3 I thought it would sweet for them to have matching chairs to have a reading space in their room and help tie the colors/theme together in there. 

We did our note to Santa and put reindeer food out front before they went to bed and they both went to sleep so quickly and were up and ready to open their gifts. 

I got some nice headphones to use on the airplane. With flying as much as we do I was tired of using the ones they give you on the plane. I was excited to use them the next day when we flew home to Washington!

We then had breakfast and the kids played and played and played while we cooked and prepared desserts and other sides for our Christmas dinner with friends later.

We had Christmas dinner with our core group of friends here, our family here and it was a great evening of absolutely delicious food (we have some good cooks in our group) and hanging out with people that mean so much to us and our support here and our family.

A wonderful Christmas Day spending the day celebrating the birth of Jesus, our family and being so full of thankfulness for the community we have here!

And then it was off to bed because the kids and I were flying to Washington the next day!!

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