Sunday, January 24, 2010

December 2009

Christmas was so much fun with Peyton! She loved all of the decorations and did really well with not touching them. December was full of so many fun memories with her that I will cherish forever.She learned who Santa was and refered to him as, "ho, ho, ho," when prompted. It was adorable! She LOVED the nutcrackers at my parents house and would chomp her mouth like they did to let you know she wanted you to pick her up and show her each one. They all had their own voice and she did that everytime she was over there. She loved the lights and even more so LOVED the pink tree I put in her room. Everytime I turned it on she would go, "Wow." She was very interested in the Christmas story and our manger and would always want to see baby Jesus! Our annual cookie decorating was a hit with her and she was a master at the sprinkles and eating cookies. There were so many fun times with her this month and I just treasured all of them.

We did do some fun activities for the season and went to the Dickinson Trail of Lights, the Christmas Train where we rode a train through a light display and she saw Santa (not impressed). Since she was not too fond of him the one time she saw him I never really got pictures of her and I didn't take her back to the mall to make her sit on his lap.

Christmas came quicker than we expected (of course) and Peyton was very blessed with lots of toys! We woke up in the morning and opened our presents at Granny and Papa's house. She got the idea of opening presents but would insist on playing with each one before moving on. It was the longest Christmas we have ever had! Santa brought her a play kitchen, a Little Tikes car and many more toys! She insisted on sitting in her car while we put it together which was interesting. We were all very lucky and blessed! My favorite gifts were my new Keurig coffee maker and my Sperry shoes!

We had a good Christmas but on Christmas Eve my Grandfather slipped on some ice in Canada and fell and did some significant damage to his hip/pelvis area. It was a pretty scary phone call and my mom ended up leaving the afternoon of Christmas to be with him and her mom and stayed until he had surgery several weeks later. He is still recovering but doing very well but is still in need of our prayers.

Now off to 2010....

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