Sunday, January 24, 2010

The start of a new decade...January 2010

So far this month has been full of good things!

I ran the Houston Half Marathon on the 17th! And although I did not do an amazing time by far, I finished! The last time I ran a half marathon was two years ago shortly after finding out I was pregnant. This time I wanted to prove to myself that being a mom didn't mean I could do it again. I did not have the time I wanted to train properly but I went out there and finished! It was so emotional seeing Peyton on the side line cheering for me. I couldn't believe that two years ago I was pregnant with her and now here she is a strong and vibrant little girl! I actually had essentially the same time as I did two years ago so far from a PR but a good start and a great experience! Also, this was the completion of my 7th half marathon (plus multiple other races) in 3.5 years! Pretty sweet! Here are some pictures from the day and also you can check out a video here of me running across.

I got the running bug for sure and one of my goals pre- baby #2 is to run an additional 4-5 half marathons by this time next year....but I am not able to keep on the running band wagon for now because....I started training with a personal trainer!
I have been frustrated with getting stronger and healthier since having Peyton and instead of continuing to be frustrated I have decided to train with Fitt Life Fitness who came highly recommended by a fellow mom. I have had an assessment and one session as well as a nutrition consult and am excited about it all! I am really looking forward to learning how to be healthy, how to work out, and how to eat. I am also excited about seeing my body tone up and build muscle. I will be running soon but for now I need to focus on this which I really feel will bring the most important long term success for me!
Other happenings this month was the completion of a Kindermusik class that Peyton and I have been taking for several months now. She didn't enjoy it as much as I thought she would until just the end so maybe now that she is older it is more fun. I don't know. It was fun doing something together and I can see how much she has learned from it. We are going to take a break from classes right now but are looking at doing swimming in the Spring together. So stay tuned!
Finally, John and I decided to take a marriage seminar/class with our church called Dynamic Marriage. It is a eight (or nine) week class and they meet once a week. My parents offered to watch Peyton for us every week on the Monday (and they are actually doing it on Thursday) so it works out great. We are in week 2 and already learning some good tools for strengthening our marriage. It is always good to take every opportunity to grow in marriage so we are blessed that we can do this together. Please pray for continued growth through that!
Phew...I think I am caught up so now on Monday I will post about our amazing weekend and we should be good!

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