Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy Loves Us

Today Peyton and I woke up and I am feel sick! I have a very sore throat, stuffed up nose and just feeling icky. Peyton is fine and has been amazing all morning playing by herself, cuddling with mommy and just being very sweet. I adore her!

Well, later in the morning she decided she wanted to check and see if there was any laundry to be done (she loves doing laundry among other chores) and she found a sweet note from Daddy! It said how much he loved her and how he appreciated her helping mommy out! She was so interested in the note and after I read it to her several times she would sit there and read it out loud in her own language. She is so cute!

Later on I found three notes to me from John which were all very sweet and appreciated!

A great start to our week...minus me being sick!

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