Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...weekend!

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday by going out to lunch at Chuy's, some window shopping at some of my favorite stores (Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel etc) and then seeing Avatar in Imax! It was a great day together and Avatar was amazing! I am still in disbelief how someone could come up with that! We normally don't do gifts so I was really surprised when John gave me an iPod shuffle! I have a regular iPod but it is huge and really a pain to run with. The shuffle is so small and can just clip onto my shirt! Since I always have pre made running play lists I can upload one and off I go! I can not wait to go for a run with it!

We went to my parent's to pick Peyton up and stayed to watch most of the Vancouver Olympic Opening ceremonies with them and while we were watching came up with the crazy idea that Peyton and I should go up to Vancouver! So...my parents have planned a trip to the Olympics for over a year. They have tickets to events and were leaving this upcoming Friday, the 19th. I was telling my mom how seeing the Olympics in Canada made me miss my family up there (who I haven't seen since our wedding and I haven't been to Vancouver in over 6 years). She looked at me and said, "why don't you come with us?" Well, I didn't give it too much thought because of the craziness of it but when we got home, I brought it up to John and he actually didn't think it was too mad. We looked at the prices for tickets and all the other expenses and then I made sure to look at what Peyton and I could do together since my parents would be busy with events for three days. I saw that the transportation system is amazing and very well prepared for the Olympics and there are tons of Olympic and non Olympic things we could do that would be appropriate for Peyton.

So...Saturday night I booked our flights and we leave this Friday! Craziness! I am so incredibly excited and feel so blessed that I get to see my family in Vancouver! I am so excited and the whole Olympic experience is an added bonus.
We are flying in and out of Seattle so we will be spending a short time there as well which is exciting. Remember the last time I visited Seattle? I was 26 weeks pregnant! It is another surreal experience that this time I have a 17 month old and the last time I was huge! Can't wait to show her the original Starbucks store and I found a Children's Museum we could check out if she is not into the whole market experience.

So after booking the flights I started thinking about packing etc and realized that Peyton's coat is really just a Texas coat and since I was very confident that I would not find something in Texas in February...I found one online from LL Bean and ordered it with Express shipping to be here on Wednesday (or Thursday at the latest)! I was really impressed with their Outerwear for kids and need to remember that for next year. We have some friends that gave us a bunch of random clothes earlier in the year that their daughter grew out of and in that stash was some ski pants from LL Bean (which gave me the idea to look there for the coat)! How awesome and convenient is that! It is not that cold there and we won't need them unless we decided go to the mountains but it is nice to have.

I also borrowed a portable DVD player from some friends which saved us from going out and buying one and also is going to help so much! I also went on a search for boots for Peyton. Nothing too heavy duty but something a little better than tennis shoes. I stayed up until midnight Saturday researching where I could possibly find some and went out on Sunday and found one pair in her size in the whole area and I was told when I asked about a bigger size...the only ones in all of Houston! Crazy! I was having a hard time finding stuff online too so I am glad we found those and they were only $10.

We finished up our errands for the trip today and will be having a busy week before we leave Friday. We have to clean up the house, go and exchange money at our bank downtown (normally I ordered it online and they deliver it but it was too late for that), laundry, get everything ready at work for being gone and pack...all before we leave at 6:45 AM Friday morning!

Please pray that we have a good week getting ready and for a safe and smooth trip...did I mention that I am flying up there with my parents but am flying home ALONE with Peyton! So lots of prayer for patience and just a good trip together.

I am so excited!!!!!

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