Friday, February 5, 2010

....No Shoes...No Service

So this mild sickness I started feeling on Monday has turned into a full blown, leave me on the couch sick! I know that I am pretty much a baby when it comes to being sick and I really don't handle it all but this time I have really been beat up by this. Tuesday I stayed home from work and sent Peyton to school, Wednesday my parents watched Peyton in the morning and John came home early and then today I am home again from work and Peyton is at school. I have a doctors appointment in an hour so hopefully I can get some good medicine to kick this.

Anyways...John took Peyton for me to school this morning. He wanted me to be able to sleep in and one of car's (the one he drives to work) had a flat tire so he had to wait for them to open anyways. Since I pretty much handle school completely, John was asking me what to make sure to bring etc. he was fine until I said he had to dress her and then he looked scared. He got some paper and started writing down everything that she needed to wear and bring.

Well, they got out the door and to school (I don't know what she is wearing so I don't know how successful it was) and while I was making lunch I saw his piece of paper and started laughing....

Notice the last two items...socks and shoes...I didn't tell him socks and shoes because I assumed that those were a given but I guess he wanted to make sure he didn't forget anything. Got to love dads!!

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