Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally able to breathe

Literally....I am finally able to breathe! I finally went to the doctor Thursday afternoon and I was diagnosed with an ear infection and severe upper respiratory infection. I was put on some antibiotics and a decongestant which knocked me out. My parents watched Peyton Friday for me and then Saturday and Sunday I rested. I spent such little time with Peyton last week that I changed a diaper on Friday and couldn't remember the last time I changed one! I was so blessed that I could rest last week and even more important was that we spared Peyton from getting sick!

I did make it out Saturday morning to our church's Valentine Making Party! We had invited Granny and Papa so we all went up to the church and made Valentine's with Peyton. She LOVED the glitter. Now...if Granny and Papa weren't with us I probably would have not shown her the glitter knowing the mess that she would make but they were and they showed her! If anything it reminded me to lighten up and have fun because really did it matter that much that she had glitter in her hair, no! We made four or five Valentines and it was just nice to see her doing such big girl things like using stamps, glitter, stickers. I love it! What was even more cool was that three years ago John and I volunteered at the Valentine Making Party and now here we are with our own little one! Pretty cool!

After the party we went to Lowe's to look around at outdoor stuff since once it finally stops freezing around here we have serious work on our backyard. Our poor plants all look awful from all of the random freezes despite being covered. I think there was one night it dropped down close to freezing and I forgot to cover them and they just had it.

After our trip to Lowe's I was pretty much exhausted so I slept most of Saturday and then Sunday until a Super Bowl party at our friends. I unfortunately didn't get to watch most of the game or the commercials since Peyton really wanted way more attention than normal from her parents so we actually ended up leaving early. I have managed to watch a couple online since but not all of them.

Monday I went and worked out with
Fitt Life Fitness and it was a great but a hard workout! I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but I have started with a personal trainer twice a week. I have a gym membership but I hate going because I have no idea what I am doing. So, I ran...but that didn't achieve the toning that I wanted post pregnancy. So, some friends have gone to Fit Life Fitness and have had amazing results. She is very encouraging and provides a detailed diet plan and is helping me tone etc. The only down side is that I am not supposed to be running. In order to build muscle I need to stop running for a little while because essentially I was not eating enough to sustain my running and then my body was storing fat because I didn't eat enough...long and complicated but I trust her opinion. Well, after a month of no runnig I told her I was going crazy so I can run one day a week for a reasonable distance...four miles for now! When I asked to do a 10k in March she didn't think that was reasonable so we will see. Anyways...I am so excited to see my body changing (small changes right now)! Also what makes this even better is that Peyton loves going with me because there is a huge play area for her and she loves to imitate me working out. Since I am the only one in the gym during my time she is allowed to come out and be near me if she wants and she always does the curls or other stuff with this small plastic toy weights while I am doing it. It is amusing!

Finally, today I made it back to work and caught up on most everything which was great!

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