Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrating the Birthday Boy

Tonight we had our birthday celebration for John and it was crazy and not like back in the college days kind of crazy...more like cranky toddler combined with a little stressed out mommy on the side (we leave for Canada tomorrow morning)!

During dinner Peyton decide to play mad scientist and investigate how yogurt transfers from one container to another using a spoon, pouring and then her hands. I was too tired to care enough to stop it and honestly she wasn't doing it to be bad she really was just investigating and exploring.

Then we did presents and Peyton quickly helped and then got really mad for some reason and that is when the evening went south for Peyton and well, for us too!

I decided to add more chaos to the already screaming toddler and lit a mini fire on a cake and attempt to walk with a toddler clinging to my legs and screaming some unknown word that must be that secret toddler language used to annoying the crap out of their parents (yes, I cursed and that is just the only adequate word to describe my feeling at that point).

Did you look closely and see the jaws of life on my legs? Or how about the seriously annoyed face I have?

I didn't get a picture of John blowing out the candles because well, at that point, trick candles were not as funny as I thought they would be because Peyton was screaming and trying to grab at the cake and all I wanted was to get the whole thing over with.

I guess she thought, "It's my birthday and I will cry if I want to," wait....wasn't it Dad's birthday?

Happy Birthday John...why should this day be any different?

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