Thursday, July 15, 2010

Forget the Pony...Daddy, I want a jet ski!

So we have been in Canada for a week now and Peyton is loving it here! We have been playing in the beach, swimming, getting baking lessons from GiGi (Great Grandma), playing in the garden, fishing, playing outside and today we explored the jet ski!

We let Peyton go with me and my dad and she was in love! I thought that she would be a little scared but instead said, "papa, go," and was in love! She was even more excited went we went over the wake from a boat. She was very upset that we had to finish the first "boat" ride this morning so after dinner she went to Papa and asked to go on the boat again so off we went!

We are having a blast enjoying Canada and cottage country...and I can blog up here since we now have DSL instead of dial up....but I haven't had much time considering my days consist of chasing Peyton and then napping when she is to get enough energy to be mommy!

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