Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It is pouring here! Hurricane Alex is being felt here for sure... at least it is just rain and nothing worse!

I was hoping to put a cute pi
cture of Peyton in her Canada shirt but honestly she is just wearing a diaper and hasn't gotten dressed yet today! I have been busy preparing stuff for our party tonight and every time I ask her if she wants to get dressed she says "no," and I honestly don't care enough to force it. She will be dressed within a couple of hours though!

Tomorrow you will have to see the pictures from the party, adorable Peyton and a whole lot more but now...I am off to make butter tarts!

Could you be so lucky? Two posts in a day!

Well, I actually have time to blog after the party so here are a couple of pictures. I really didn't take as many pictures as I thought because this year I have a mobile and vocal toddler and it was just too much fun talking to friends!

Peyton and I were the only Canadians present but everyone came supporting Canada wearing their red!

Despite the pouring rain (yes it is still raining), we managed to still grill and have a great time hanging out with friends inside. I am so thankful for the group of friends we have living here. I would never have thought four summers ago when we first moved here that our life would be as full as it is with wonderful friends. I am so blessed and am so thankful for the strong friendships that we have.

I did manage to make Grandma's butter tarts for the first time ever and they were edible! I don't think they were as good as Grandma's but I think I know where I can improve so I will be trying again soon and maybe I can get a lesson with Grandma/GiGi when I am up in Canada!

It was a good time and we ended the (at the request of our guests) evening singing "O, Canada," minus the sparklers since it was still raining outside. I am really starting to like this tradition and next year I am hoping to start planning a little earlier so I can pull out some new Canadian things (I am thinking Poutine).

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