Sunday, July 4, 2010


About a month or two ago we were really getting tired of our current assortment of kids movies and we didn't want to go out and buy any new ones. Instead we looked through our DVDs and found Shrek. I didn't know if Peyton would be scared or interested but we went ahead and tried and she was very interested!

Well, this whole new Shrek phase nicely correlated with the release of Shrek 4 and the influx of marketing and toys through McDonald's! This meant anytime we went for McDonald's for ice cream and to play in the indoor play yard because it is insanely hot outside and we need to get out of the house (which is a lot) she would see all the Shrek posters and Happy Meal toys and it was intensify her LOVE of Shrek! Peyton has even started to be able to say Shrek which is a feat for her. She isn't really a chatter box so for her to pick up and use a new word like Shrek so quickly is a big deal.

We have watched Shrek 1 and 2 pretty often and then decided to let her watch Shrek 3 in my parents media room to simulate a movie theater and she did really well. I did notice that Shrek 3 was a little more dark and scary (which carried on into Shrek 4) but she wasn't scared.

I was trying to find stuff for us to do this weekend and decided that it would be fun to take Peyton to her first movie theater experience! Shrek 4 had been out since May 21 and with the new Twilight movie taking over most of the screens, Shrek 4 wasn't playing in too many theaters anymore but I managed to find a showing in Katy at 9:30 AM for $5 an adult and Peyton was free! So we drove about an hour to Katy and picked up Grandma Martha and John's brother Shawn and went to see Shrek 4!

Here is Peyton with her blanket, lovey, Shrek ticket in one hand and a cracker in the other! She didn't move from the position pretty much the whole movie! And she only talked at the beginning to inform the whole theater that we were watching, "Shrek," and then to tell me that "dragon," was making her appearance!

After the movie and all of the credits, she said "bye" to Shrek and we went to eat some Mexican food, another Peyton favorite! It was a fun morning!

Next Shrek adventure might be the Broadway musical coming to Houston in October. I am debating whether she would sit through it all...if it was a movie I am pretty sure she would but I am not sure how she would respond to dressed up people. We will see! I think it would be tons of fun to take her to her first musical and if anything something like Shrek would be the best things to start with.

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