Saturday, August 18, 2012

Off to Canada...the trip there

The last part of our trip home to the States was a trip up to Canada to visit with my grandmother. I was really excited about seeing my grandma since I didn't get to see her last summer because we moved to Saudi and even more so, I was excited for her to meet Graham. And spending the summer in the Muskoka area brings back so many memories of my summers growing up and it is so much to experience some of the same memories with the kids there!

Our trip from Bellingham to Seattle to Buffalo and then to Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada was a pretty big adventure itself with two hotels, two flights and some driving to get there. If you were traveling solo it probably would be nothing but with kids we took things pretty slow and rested overnight in places to make it easier. So, since Bellingham is about 90 minutes from Seattle and we had a super early flight at 7:00 AM, we packed everything up and spent a night in Seattle to make things easier. That night we went to Rainforest Cafe at a nearby mall which Peyton loved and Graham was a little concerned about the moving animals. I hadn't eaten at a Rainforest Cafe since high school so it was a change for me as well. 

The next morning was our flight which went fine. A 5 hour total flight is nothing! We did travel for the first time with my mom so I am not sure if she would say it was nothing but overall it went well. She kept laughing at the amount of stuff I have to travel with, being the last one off the plane and how slowly we move throughout the airport so we had some fun laughs on the way!

We arrived in Buffalo, rented a car and drove across the border to stay in Niagara Falls which was a zoo. The last time I was in Niagara it was in February with no tourists. The summers are very different and it was wild. I would never recommend anyone going there during the summer. Way too many drunk people, bachelor parties and overall craziness. We stayed at the Hilton in hopes that a nicer hotel would weed out some of the party people but instead had a load bachelor party next door and then a prank fire alarm pull at 4 AM. Not fun and an awful night in Niagara. The view of the falls from our room was pretty awesome and we got to watch fireworks from our room which the kids loved. We also went out to eat that night and Peyton loved the ballon animals/swords and all the noise and music at Magaritaville and Graham was terrified. 

The next morning we gladly left Niagara and headed up to the cottage that we were renting for the week and more importantly to see my grandma and the kids GiGi! 

And it wasn't too bad watching sunsets like this from the dock for a beautiful!

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