Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary

Our anniversary really did sneak up on me. It really felt like just the other day that we were celebrating our five year anniversary and our first one in Saudi. I remember being so overwhelmed with all the changes in our lives (having a second baby, moving overseas) and the changes it was bringing to our relationship. It is amazing that a whole year has passed....we have settled in our life in Saudi and it has strengthened our marriage more than we could have ever imagined. One of the biggest things about this past year that we have had to learn and adjust to is spending significant amount of time apart as we have spent around 15-16 weeks apart throughout the year due to traveling back to the States/Abu Dhabi solo. I am hoping that this year it is much less!

We did go out and celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip to Bahrain for the weekend. We spent the day playing at the pool with the kids and enjoying time as a family and that night we got the kids fed and settled and we hired a babysitter at the hotel so we could go out for a couple of hours at the restaurants in the hotel.

We went to a Thai restaurant which was delicious and enjoyed several hours of non kid, non interrupted conversation. It was wonderful! Living over here we don't get to go out and date very often and I am so thankful for the times that we do. I surprised John with a gift I got him....a night away without kids in December at the Salish Lodge in Washington state (thank you mom and dad for watching the kids). It was nice to plan everything and surprise John as I always feel like it is impossible to surprise him with anything. John did get me a gift for our anniversary but it isn't ready yet and I am supposed to get it the end of this month.... :)

I am so thankful for these six years of marriage (and nine years together) and looking forward to so many more together! I love you so much John and am thankful for the husband and father that you are! I am very blessed!

And just for we are on our first anniversary eating at Villa Capri in League City just before we left for Puerto Vallarta to celebrate! We look so young :)

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