Monday, October 22, 2012

Trick or Treating Halloween 2012

Due to the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Hada falling right around the 31st, our camp had Halloween early to not interfere. So we headed out trick or treating on Sunday. It was a little weird to be trick or treating 10 days early but it also means we get to celebrate again next week with a small Halloween party with friends at our house. And since I felt bad and like I was leaving Graham out by putting together a party for Peyton and her friends....I am also doing one for Graham and his buds. So, we have two Halloween parties at our house next on the 30th and one on the 31st...we will be busy!

We had decorated our house earlier in the month and I will try to get out and take picture before we pick it all up. Peyton loved making it so very "spooky." Everyone goes all out on Halloween and I love seeing everyone's decorations that they either make or bring from home. One of our neighbors had glow in the dark fake spider webs which I loved as well as tall/skinny inflatable ghost and witch. It was pretty cool!

Peyton had informed me a long time ago that she wanted to be a ghost and so I hemmed a sheet up, cut a hole for her face and hemmed it and made sure to find face paint for her. She was so excited. Of course as soon as I started working on her costume Graham wanted to wear it and wanted to be just like her. I was kind of hoping he would want to do his own thing and be a pirate or something else but the closer we got it was pretty obvious that wasn't going to happen so I went ahead and found a pillowcase and got some holes and off we went. Super easy and cheap Halloween this year!

Before we left Peyton and Graham skyped with my parents and Peyton loved that she scared G and Papa. She is still telling me how when she got on the computer that G didn't know who she was and she thought she was a real ghost. She was really proud that she fooled them!

Graham quickly learned that you get candy by wearing this ridiculous get up and so he would walk up to a house...say, "boo," get some candy, say,"bye," and then walk to the wagon and sit and eat his candy until he was done and then get out and go to a house to replenish, come back, eat and repeat. It was pretty amusing and we have no idea how much candy he actually ate since he would start something, throw it away and then get more.

Peyton had a great time going to houses...all by herself....and yelling,"boo," at people walking around. 

I was surprised when about 45 minutes into it, she told us she was done and wanted to go home. I wasn't going to argue and so she got into the wagon and took off her costume and off we went home to count our candy. We managed to get home, bathed and have a piece of candy and still make it in bed right around our normal bed times which meant more time for mommy to sort out what candy she wanted from their stash!

It was not as busy as last year...probably because it was ten days early....but it was a good time. Both kids had a blast and it was fun to see everyone out and celebrating. I am looking forward though to the day when we hopefully are trick or treating in Washington where it hopefully would be much cooler than upper 80's and really humid. It was so miserable! 

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