Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Preschool Halloween Program

The day after we did trick or treating Peyton's preschool had their annual Halloween program and parade. I had been hearing about it from Peyton for weeks as they had been practicing and talking about it at school for awhile. They had been practicing several Halloween/scary songs and also talking about saying "thank you for coming to our Halloween program," and she asked daily if it was the day and to make sure I had my camera ready. Finally the day came and she decided to be a Pirate for the day. 

We dropped her off at school and came back a couple of hours later for the performance. Graham was so excited to come and see Peyton and kept yelling his nickname at her, "Pey Pey," until she finally waved at her. He loves his sister so much! Here they are lining up and getting ready for the show!

I didn't know what to expect and it was absolutely hilarious! Peyton stole the show. She was so into it and knew all of the words and just did amazing! She was such an actress! She has grown up so much from last year and is so far from the shy and timid girl she was last year at school! 

And here is the video....enjoy! It is pretty amusing!

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