Friday, March 22, 2013


Our second stop on our trip was two nights on the north east coast in a village called Amed. On our way though we stopped at Tirta Gangga Water Palace. It was so beautiful and we all loved all the fountains, fish and views. We ate at the restaurant inside the palace and it was delicious and then we wandered around afterwards. It was a nice way to break up the drive to Amed.

John and Peyton decided to walk along the water stone maze while Graham and I stayed on the side and fed fish.

We made it to Amed and to our hotel Life in Amed which was amazing. Our only complaint was that we didn't book another night here. It was wonderful. We had a beautiful two story villa on the water with outdoor showers that overlooked the mountains and then the balconies overlooked the beach. 

The food was delicious at the hotel restaurant. It was filled with fresh ingredients and seafood. They had a very extensive kids menu which was very much appreciated and we all ate really well when we were there. The kids loved sitting at the tables on the ground and sitting on the floor cushions and they worked out well at night time when they were sleepy or just wanted to relax and watch movies. 


We spent most of our time swimming in the pool or walking along the beach front looking for sea shells. John went scuba diving at the USS Liberty wreck site on day and he will have to come back and do a blog post on his dive. Pretty much the whole reason we came up this way was for him to dive but even if he didn't it would have been a very worthwhile stop. We loved it! 

My favorite thing in the mornings was watching the sunrise and then the fishing boats coming in from their morning catch. It was well worth waking up early both mornings. 

We had a wonderful couple of days in Amed and loved it! We are a beach vacation family for sure!

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