Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sanur...swimming and Tanah Lot Temple

Our first stop in Bali was Sanur for three nights.

When we got to the hotel the night before at 2:00 AM we had no idea what to expect. The grounds looked beautiful at night but the next day it was even better! We had set our alarms so we could make sure to get breakfast and it was such a wonderful surprise to be walking through the hotel and seeing the beach for the first time. Well worth the flight chaos!

Our hotel was set up like a traditional Balinese garden/house. It had tons of fountains, sculptures and seating areas and was beautiful. The lobby (the picture below on the right) was all open and most of the buildings were similar. We really got the Bali feel walking around and the kids always found a new sculpture to investigate.

We had a sleepy boy at breakfast...

And one was wide awake and really excited about going swimming later...

Our first day was devoted to lots of swimming and relaxing before we were picked up that afternoon for a tour of a nearby temple. Our hotel had two pools, an adult only one and this one where we spent most of our time. 

My little fish were overjoyed to be back in the swimming pool and they both were swimming around and under the water constantly. They are such water babies!

After swimming at the pool for awhile we decided to check out the beach. One of the reasons I picked Sanur was the reef offshore that helps break up Bali's known strong currents. It was perfect! You could see where the waves were breaking out there and it was so calm and peaceful at the coast which was great with the kids.

It was so hot on the sand though and just hot outside as well. We were shocked at how hot and humid it was in Bali! The kids wanted to go look at some of the fishing boats and of course didn't believe me it would be hot....well, it was and she had plenty to say about it.

We ordered some drinks to help cool off and Graham received the most sophisticated apple juice of his life. He was very stylish. I had to double check that it was just apple juice with the water and tasting because I didn't know why else they would bring it with a lime and in such a fancy glass. It was just apple juice!

We decided to not push things and just do room service for lunch and nap times. We had a nice patio out front of our room where we were able to eat our meals and also John and I were able to sit at night and spend time together while the kids were asleep. Graham went down for his nap and John and Peyton went exploring and played at the playground and games around our hotel. 

This picture of Peyton cracks me up....

We had to wake Graham up later to go meet our driver who was taking us to Tanah Lot Temple for a tour and to watch the sunset. So, we loaded everyone up and off we went. 

It was a lot longer drive than I expected but a fun one seeing more of the bigger cities and passing through all these different areas that I read about while planning our trip. Peyton of course fell asleep in the car which meant she was a little on the cranky side when we got there. We wandered around and didn't cross the water to go to the temple but look at the various other temples along the shore and just took in the beauty of the rock formations and ocean. I was kind of overwhelmed with how many people were there and wasn't really sure what we were supposed to do.

The kids enjoyed climbing up the rocks and being explorers.....and Graham also enjoyed being the local celebrity and had tons of people trying to get their picture with him. Many, many people around the world now have a picture of my son....

My original plan was to sit on a grassy area and watch the sunset and then go to a restaurant on the way home but the kids were starving so we ended up eating at the restaurant there. It was a little overpriced and not all that great of food but the views were beautiful. 

We headed back to the hotel that night with two very sleepy kids but a wonderful first day in Bali. The views, scenery had exceeded our imaginations and the people were so friendly and welcoming. One of my favorite memories of the day was when we got out of our car at the temple and were waiting in the market area for the driver to drop off the car and return, there was a shop keeper who patted next to her and Graham just sat there with her and she was talking to him and he was just sitting there taking it all in. I wish I had enough time to pull out my camera. It was so sweet. 

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