Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Graham!

Happy Second Birthday to our sweet boy....Graham Ryerson!

It really feels like yesterday that we were celebrating his first birthday...time goes by too fast :( I feel like the second birthday is harder for me to accept than the first birthday. They change so much during those first two years and last year he still felt like my baby and now he is a little boy. I am really having a hard time with this birthday!

But it is time to celebrate what a tremendous blessing Graham is to our family! And recap the year so I can remember this time in his life when I finally get around to doing a baby book!

Graham is such a sweet, sweet boy with a huge heart. He is in LOVE with babies....he loves baby dolls, real babies and all his friends who are a year younger than him. He is so sweet with them and wants to share with them and take care of them. Graham you are so incredibly nurturing and I love seeing how you light up when you see a baby and how much you want to care for them and love on them. So sweet.

Graham is super easy going and so easy to move from one activity to another, change routines and just goes with the flow. He is easy to discipline and most of the time responds appropriately with a warning. He rarely goes to time out and it is interesting to watch how much more it affects him and how once he has had to go to timeout he won't make an appearance there for several days.

I am amazed at how much he talks and tries new words. I really believe that having an older sister who talks a whole lot and wanting to be involved with her and her friends, he just picked it up. I certainly was not very good about working with him and teaching him like I did with Peyton. I guess he figured that he might as well figure this out in order to keep up and be heard.

Graham ADORES his sister! He loves her, her friends and is constantly wanting to be just like Peyton. He loves picking her up from school and is so excited to see her in the afternoons. He cheers for her at soccer, asks if she wants a snack and they truly are the best of friends. I love the relationship forming between them and pray daily that it continues and that despite the gender difference that they find common things to continue to bond over. It is amazing to watch also how much Peyton loves on and cares for Graham. The other day he fell outside and skinned his knee and she brought him inside and helped him pick out a band aid and she put it on him all the while saying comforting and encouraging words and when I told her thank you for doing all of that she just replied, "well, a band aid always makes me feel better." So sweet to watch them together.

Here they are playing veterinarian and puppy dog... 

Graham loves trains, cars, dinosaurs, trucks and all things boy! His favorite game in the morning is to put all the pillows off my bed in front of a chair and jump off. He loves to pretend to be a dinosaur when we walk Peyton to school and scare all the birds. Everything is a sword, weapon or has super powers. So much fun to have a boy around!

This past year has been so much fun with Graham! He is such an easy going fun little boy and completes our family in so many ways. Lots of fun and we are really looking forward to the year ahead and watching him grow! So truly blessed!

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