Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sanur....Barong Dance

One of the activities I really wanted to do while in Bali was go to an authentic Barong dance performance but when I was looking into all of them, they all started at 7:00-8:00 PM which was not going to work with the kids. I kept looking and found one in Sanur that was at 9:30 AM...perfect! We worked with the taxi/tour at the hotel and it worked out really well.

What I was surprised about the most was how interested the kids were and how they didn't get scared. There were some intense parts but they were so fascinated and loved it. They were both clapping and so excited about the whole thing. And the ENTIRE trip they talked about the "dragon" (below) which was actually a lion and Graham always asked to pet the dragon. Non stop!

Following the dance performance we headed back for more swimming and relaxing and then decided to try a coffee shop nearby that I had heard about for lunch called Luhtu's. They had seating right on the beach and was really cute. I had read that their cappuccinos were really yummy and they were! 

Peyton was in a pretty grumpy mood and just tired from all the swimming. Although her mood greatly improved when her pancakes with ice cream arrived :)

Following lunch, it was Graham's nap time and John's turn to get to nap while I hung out with Peyton. She watched a movie for a little bit and then she came and hung out with me at the beach. We just sat in the chairs, collected sea shells and chatted and finally ordered chips. This was one of my favorite times on our trip. I loved hanging out with her, being silly, talking literally about superheroes and whether they are real or good guys and our favorites and also whether there was a princess living on the island across from us. We had so much fun and it was such a blessed time to have such quality time with my girl. She is so much fun and so amazing!

Following nap time we thought it would be fun to walk to a local supermarket and get some supplies since we would be heading to a small village the next day and wouldn't have any options for snacks etc. We looked up the directions online and figured we could walk along the beach and then turn off and be there. It was a nice walk and not too far but our little ones didn't want to walk. I ended up carrying Graham and John carried Peyton who fell asleep until we got to the store and she slept in the shopping cart.

It was a fun store with souvenirs on the top floor and groceries on the bottom. We were amazed at how much more options they had in comparison to Saudi and how much cheaper things were even the imported USA products. We loaded up on some snacks and then took a taxi home and it was bedtime for everyone. A long but fun day. 

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