Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary....Seven Years!

This year we celebrate seven years of marriage (and ten years together)! It is crazy to me to think that it has already been seven years, these past few years has just flown by! 

Seven years and so many changes and experiences that have grown and challenged us! This past year the biggest change was the purchase of our house in Washington and taking on a longterm renovation project. But it is also the start of achieving a dream and longterm goal together of living in a historic home in Washington!

We are excited to see what year 8 brings and already starting to see some of the blessings and exciting adventures God is preparing for us this year!

We didn't get to celebrate our anniversary this year as I was leaving the next day for a trip with my sister but we have plans to go to Bahrain our next free weekend (end of November), getting a sitter and having an evening out celebrating!

Happy Anniversary John and looking forward to many more!

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