Friday, October 18, 2013

Last two days in Nepal - Bhakatapur

Unfortunately we only had two nights in Pokhara and had to head back to the Kathmandu valley. My sister and I both agreed we could easily spend close to a month exploring Pokhara and all the activities around and we loved the feel of the area and the relaxation and peace it brought.

Before heading back to Kathmandu we walked around the Peace Pagoda.

Thankfully our flight back to Kathmandu was easy and without any issues. And our hotel was actually there to pick us up! We spent our last night in Nepal in a village called Bhakatapur. It is known for maintaining it historic charm and feel. When we arrived and drove down the cobblestone streets and came into this square with so many authentic buildings we certainly felt more like authentic Nepal. Our hotel was our favorite of the trip and was so charming and full of wood work and so unique.

After getting settled in our hotel we went for lunch across the square which was a perfect spot for people watching. There was this group of kids who kept trying to pick up these baby goats which was hilarious to watch. After lunch we wandered around the streets and to the various squares just soaking it all up.

The next morning we wandered around a little more and picked up some last minute souvenirs and then headed out to the airport. I was sad to be leaving and wished I could be spending more time in Nepal but I was so thankful for the time that I was able to have and for the chance to be able to go to a country I have dreamed about going to and I was ready to see my kiddos!

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